Question of the Week: What car disappointed you the most?


Those Mustang II’s were disaster’s waiting to happen. Rust-mobiles!


Drove mine ten years, 2.8 ltr. V6, manual 4 speed.
Was well maintained and rust proofed annually. 200,000 miles and sold for a good price.

Worst a new 1967 Plymouth Fury II spent more time in the dealership than on the road. Bow Wow.


That was a tough combo…the 5.0 litre V8 with the THM200 transmission. My friend had that car and had the bad camshaft, failed trans and the rear axle shaft separation issue. He called that car the “5 litre cam eater.”


Yup, it had the 305 Chevy V8. Never had the cam problem. Actually unbeknownst to me I sold it just in time. Heard back from a friend of a friend that the cam didn’t last much longer. Hard for an engine to run when the valves hardly open due to worn cam lobes and tappets! Other engine problems from new…. Misaligned alternator mounting bracket that would go through belts in a few thousand miles and a leaking timing case cover. Both easily diagnosed and fixed, yet dealer service manager and then Olds zone rep took no action, lied, claimed fixed and closed the complaint with Olds corporate with a “satisfied customer”! But actually just parked the car at the dealer ship for a day and never touched it…. Multiple times, until I escalated far up the chain enough.