Question of the Week: What car exceeded your expectations?


Last year I purchased a 2008 Corvette C6 coupe with paddle shift auto transmission …… It has the LS3 engine and the magnetic ride control with the dual exhaust note options…
Every single time I drive this car I have a smile on my face … I finish work and I can’t wait to drive it… The weekends I can’t wait to drive it… I watch c6 videos about this car all the time…
If GM wanted me to do a commercial for free, I would … this car is amazing… I’ve owned 10 other Corvettes but never anything newer than 1973 …
This car is gorgeous … Best looking Corvette ever …sounds amazing… handles like a jet …planted on the road …can’t say enough … and it is super super quick …
I will never sell it …I should’ve bought this car a long time ago…
Thank you GM Corvette engineers for designing the best car in the whole world . I would never trade this car for anything …
Danny P



Not a vintage vehicle, but owning my 2016 Mazda MX-5 has been an amazing experience. Given the glowing reviews when it was first revealed, my expectations were high; after three years I can say that they have been exceeded.


I recently purchased a 66 F100 that someone did a rather great job restoring although as someone else said “it’s only original once”… Anyway, the truck runs and drives beautifully and my wife and I absolutely love it.


Danny, I agree with you. I Tried to buy your same exact looking car from a guy in CT. But was too late. I eventually bought the 09 Vette. Virtually the same car. It is very stylish, it handles great and it’s power just pushes you back into the seat. The car seems to feel like it gets sucked down to the ground when you bury the pedal. It is an amazing car for the money.


My 1989 Ford Taurus SHO. I Had no Idea what it was or to expect,just figured it would be a comfy car. Had the only 2 options available that year as well,Sunroof and leather seats. Amazing car,wish I still had it.


I had a '91 as my first car when I was 15. It only left my driveway once before the rear main seal went out, but thats what you get for $500. Always wanted another one…


I was kinda bummed when my wife decided we needed a “grown up” car for our daily driver. We decided on a Subaru Outback. Man are we thrilled!!! It has been a super all around driver. We use it for road trips and daily driving. We optioned it with the premium package and the six cylinder. Couldn’t be happier with it!


Went for many years without a truck. Then when my wife found someone better and took the SUV, I went out and got a brand new F150 Supercrew 3.5 Ecoboost. Now I can’t imagine not having it. Great gas mileage for a truck, tons of power, easy to tow the boat, go skiing in winter, and nice for road trips. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on.


67 Pontiac Tempest Sprint OHC 6 4bbl 4spd. Faster than expected and better handler than my 67 GTO.


My 72 Oldsmobile 442 is my favorite vehicle. I purchased it by special order in Dec of 71. It has been a great driver and very reliable all these years.


The 2nd car I owned was a Canadian built full size 1961 Ford 2dr post sedan 6 cylinder 2 speed automatic with only a AM radio,a cigar lighter and windshield washers.Everything else, including the choke was manually operated or not on the car from the factory. I wanted a '62 Chrysler 300 4 dr ht but my dad said no way so for $350, I drove it for over a year like a mad man and went through the city streets during the worst snow storm Chicago ever had of over 23 inches in less than 24 hours taking 10 hours to drive 10 miles home to Cicero and the going back into the city delivering fruits and vegetables under the demands of my dad in Mayor Daley’s neighborhood when only emergency vehicles were out there and pushing cars out of my way, driving on center islands and sidewalks and get back home in one piece.I hated that car that started even when it was -23 F one morning and it started right up so I could get to work and after over a year of pure zero maintenance and my best efforts to kill it, I sold it for $25 more or $375 to a couple who just got married and people were at my door trying to buy it out for more money right out from under them as they were paying me for it.I had the best car I ever would own until many many years later and possible $100000 later and this is the first time I admit that fact to the world !


i have had several over the years. But I would have to go with the '67 Camaro I currently own. I started out just wanting to build a nice “Driver”, it is all that and much more. This car has kind of taken on a life of it’s own, and taken me places I never expected to go. And done it in style. I have kept as much originality as possible and still made it"mine". It is still original color Bolero Red, and still bears the original 327 engine, pumped up a bit.


I need to add a little back story about the picture posted above. My Grandfather ran a D-X Service station for 40+years. I was able to find this old station, very similar to “Gramps”. Just 1 of many places I’ve been.


I purchased a 1963 Chevy ll Nova SS as a fun car. It was never meant to be a show car nor a daily driver. Just a nice car to have around for the occasional Sunday afternoon drive. I did treat the car to a paint job and a new interior. Somewhere along the line a V-8 replaced the inline 6. I held onto that Chevy ll for 20 years. In that 20 years I drove the pants off the car. It safely took my wife and I on 4 trouble free vacations and one trouble free trip to Denton, Texas to see my sister. That’s Ohio to Texas. And in the 20 years I owned the car it managed to pick up a fair number of trophies. I sold the car, regretting that decision almost immediately. However the wife fell in love with a '63 Corvair convertible and it has taken the place of that Nova. Last year we took a 2200 mile trip in it and in 2019 the missus and I are headed to Florida in that little yellow beast. While the Chevelle and the street rod slumber away in the garage my fun cars are ,well, having all the fun.


because my father had a dealers license I was able to buy and own many muscle cars from Chevelles to Corvettes but I own a 1965 Mustang Fastback for 22 years and without a doubt it is my favorite car. It definitely exceeded my expectations ! I love the car and would never sell !



When I got out of the navy in 1968, I needed a car. My dad had a friend that was selling a 1962 Plymouth Fury 4 door sedan. Not at the top of my list, didn’t really like the design, but it was a well kept, low mileage car so I got it. Had it about seven months before trading it on a 1969 Dodge Charger (which I still have). In that short time I grew to love that car and its looks. She lived a short distance from me and I kept in touch with the owner and bought it back nine years to the day later in somewhat worse shape than when I traded. After a basic “restoration”, she was the family car for several years until the Pennsylvania winters caught up. Later my son then drove it for several years until he spun a bearing. She’s been resting for about fifteen years now and I’m scraping up money to give her a proper restoration.


In 1972 I saw an ad in the old Competition Press that listed an original Cobra Daytona coupe, 1 of 6, for sale for $27K. I recommended that my father-in-law buy the car as I said it would be worth a fortune down the road. Everyone thought I was nuts. Today, with no problem, I could sell the car for at least
$25 million. Irest my case.


Back in 2012, I was looking for a 1st gen Miata for a project, when a friend recommended a Jaguar. I started looking and found my '92 XJS V12 convertible, with only 76k miles, for less money than the Miatas were going for at the time. It turned out to be a very good car with very little needs, mostly only TLC and routine maintenance. I have enjoyed it very much and it has never left me stranded. It is beautiful to me, fun to drive and it gets a lot of looks and conversations at gas stations. I have since bought three more collector cars, but the XJS is my keeper for life. I do still keep an eye out for the right Miata though.


Of all the cars I’ve owned, the one that most exceeded my expectations was a used 1973 Capri with a 2.9 liter V6. It handled exceptionally well, had (at the time) a pretty amazing aftermarket available, and it got nearly 30 mpg on the highway. I did a few mild mods to the car and it was more than able to hold it’s own against the ‘muscle cars’ of that era. I traded it in when I got my first job for a new car and have regretted that decision for years.