Question of the Week: What car exceeded your expectations?


My stupid little 2000 Chevy Metro LSi that I bought for $800 and it just kept going and going and going…


The one car purchase on which I took a flyer on was my 2004 Ford Focus. The last American car I drove, that was new, was a company car I was given while in college a 1974 Duster. After that cars were Honda and Mazda. When my trusty 86 626 hit 375,000 miles in 2004 it needed to be replaced. Ford had great rebates and I took a chance on a 2.3L 5 speed Focus sedan. Turns out it was a quick, great handling car. I tried to be sedate in it but it just begs to take those 30 mph curves at 60 mph. Just need to be sure no police officer is around to see you do it. Mileage not bad at 30 mpg. To top it off the car is still with me at 161,000 miles now.


My 1970 Lamborghini Espada that I bought in 1981 for $14,000.00. In 1993 in was on the lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours.


1964 Plymouth Savoy. Black two-door sedan. “Street 426” w/single four barrel carb and hydraulic lifters, Chrysler’s “new” 4-speed manual, 50k mile factory warranty. I was an immature 19-year-old apprentice with ADD when I ordered it new from the dealer in October 1963, $2625 total out the door. With my girlfriend and another couple in back on 1/1/64, first day on the road: Standing start through the gears on Route 95 in MA, burned the 7.50-14 2-ply tires all the way through 100 plus MPH, back end all over the road. Legal and illegal drag racing, tow-car for a K-stocker and a C-Dragster, sold the Plymouth to buy a house in 1970, and that psychologically warped me. Knew better than to buy another high-performance street car ever since then. Hope you enjoyed!


Somehow my search for a cheap convertible to take the girls out for ice cream - unfortunately I have cancer so making memories for them has become a priority - ended with me buying a near -mint 1994 Camaro Z28 convertible. Never thought I’d own a car like this , yes, I wish it was a '69, but it’s been a blast and is remarkably smooth cruising along country roads with the cruise set at 60.


My 2008 ZO6 Corvette has exceeded my expectations. Ir is reliable, It is fast and handles exceptionally well. It gets great gas mileage at 70 m.p.h. in 6th gear. And the Le Mans blue color is beautiful.


I thought my 1986 Ferrari 328GTS was all that till I sold it and went with a 1974 Pantera. It was all that and more. I spanked it regularly and it liked it. But the question is “Why do I buy a great car then sell?” Answer " So many cars, so little time."
I will be an old man rocking on the porch some day and at least I can say, Yep had one of those!


Trick question…just haven’t driven a lot of cars that I didn’t buy…A few rental cars on vacation that we didn’t drive to and some friends and family members cars when the cars still smelt new…but I
do have to say when we bought our brand new 2006 Saturn Vue with the Honds 3.5 V-6 was quite my biggest WOW factor…This was not what I was expecting when I pushed on the fun pedal and the reaction of both front tires spinning like crazy…This thing was and is still the most surprising pocket rocket for a small SUV…Plenty of well thought out feathers, loads of space and factor in that it still hasn’t needed any body panel repaired or replaced since we got it…WOW a lot to ask a very well built ugly step sister from GM…My only regret is that we didn’t buy The RED LINE edition or second Vue but with AWD…250 hp on a front drive platform…what does that cost today???


My 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo. The only car that I had to constantly strive to stay near the posted speed limit. Very nearly spent a year in jail for doing 150. Granted it was dangerous but as close to nirvana as a driving experience :sunglasses:


@mbhoms - Those 944s seem to be a great car for those in the know. I have been looking to get behind the wheel of one for awhile, hopefully soon. Sound like a blast to drive!


The 944 Turbo was scorned by the 911 purists. The Porsche engineers always chose the 944 Turbo the marketing guys chose the 911. It had none of the handling idiosyncracies of the rear engine Porsche.I just sold mine a month ago to an anesthesiologist who had been searching for one for 25 years. The car was pristine only 26,400 miles. I miss it terribly. Replaced it with a 2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport.


3 years ago I bought a 2006 Toyota Yaris on Vancouver Island and drove it back to Ontario, some 5000 km. My intention was to sell the car after I got home. Instead, I found it was reliable, easy to maintain, economical, utilitarian, and oddly fun to drive. I still have it, and will for a while to come.