Question of the Week: What car has the coolest gauges?

1958 Edsel

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How about the 1955 Citroen DS 21 Presidentielle. Gotta love the wood!

Photo from: Gizmodo Media Group


This was fun. I’ve noticed the instrument panels for years but would never have thought of putting this craftsmanship art to a vote! Thanks for the many good entries! Hard to choose but I’m stuck on those early to mid 60s Chryslers. Mid to late 50s GM instrument panels were extra nice too. Stunning 55 Citroen! My first choice tho is Chrysler.

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Great topic as we enter into this re birth of the EV . Could the up coming taycans dashboard be a good add to this question of favorites image

I have to agree. The E-type instrument cluster is all business and easy to read at any angle. I’m biased because I have a e-type that has been in the family for 39 years. Very reliable and can be driven anywhere any time. It’s always a joy just scanning the gages

Prius…oh ok…

Well I should have said the older MARK II (not Type) because they have your toggle switches and all that burl wood. image

1960 300D Chrysler, 1959 Chevrolet car, 1962 Imperial

1925 citroen 5Hp. Elegant and straightforward. Only the barest necessities (an ammeter and a switch for headlamps and to earth the magneto) brilliantly avoiding information overload. !

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58 Pontiac dash

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I totally agree with the Corvair CORSA dash, but even the Corvair SPYDER dash is cool, too. As for C2s, the 63s and 64s had extra drama with their conical centers and cranked indicator needles!! the 65s through 67s had flat instrument faces as shown; more modern at the time, but less styled!


Yes, I agree with the Firebird TA engine turned dash. I knew someone who had this dash installed into a Camaro!!

How about 1932 Cadillac?

I should have looked at my photo before posting! I am not good at this! OOPS Sorry!

The ones on my 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe!

Harley Earl’s 1963 Corvette Sting Ray

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I have to agree with you, the ‘58 Vette in corporates functionality with beauty. Every gauge is there at a glance without having to search for it and there right in front of the driver! As a result you keep your eyes on the road, mirrors, and your surroundings which adds the bonus of keeping you and your passengers safer. This is also my favorite car in my garage to drive!

Not a sleek inspired design, but I never tire of looking at the M38A1 cluster. Nothing but functionality, and in a place where the crew can monitor various readings, ie the driving instructor can see how fast the student driver is going.! My own 1970 contract Canadian Forces “jeep”. Ottawa-20121113-00054|666x500

1984 Corvette has so cool looking guages

66-67 Dodge Charger