Question of the Week: What car has the coolest gauges?

Yes, and the red lights added to the aircraft feel. I am considering changing the gauge lights on my 86 Eagle wagon to red.

I totally agree. I sure wish Volvo had continued with sports cars.

The 1958 Edsels-with the transmission buttons in the center of the steering wheel, and the rotary 45 rpm-like speedometer.

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My '62 Chrysler 300 gauge cluster with its “Robbie the robot” design was always my favorite.

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Its got to be the Mopar E-body Rallye Dash. So good. The electroluminescent 66 Charger has got to be in the top 10 too.



1970 240Z had a great dash. Most earlier British and Italian cars had nice gauge sets and toggle switched.

My personal Favorite is the 1966 Chrysler 300 gauges.
The through the steering wheel views for all gauges is still a hard to best combination for styling and convenience for the driver!1966-chrysler-300-conv-inst


Absolutely one of my all time favorites! The clear plastic globe encircling the speedo and related gauges is unique and a styling triumph. Placement of switches along the steering column just below the globe is not only smart, stylish but also user friendly.

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That speedometer/fuel/clock cluster in the Mercury Cyclone is SO boring: Ford at its least-inspired. But the rest of the dashboard is pretty nice, in its 1970s way. With those gauges 'way over there in front of the passenger’s seat, though, it’s not very functional. Cool dashboards, at their best, combine function and form in a consistent way. Not much of that here, alas.

From the glass half full guy, don’t forget the Olds Toronado!!


Count me in as an additional up-vote for the Studebaker Avanti! Also don’t forget the switches in the panel above the windshield for the headlights!

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The mid-year Corvette, Corvair Monza, and Alfa Romeo Guilietta Sprint are all nice but I’m particularly partial to the Fiat 8V.


The old Jaguar type II - all black crinkle paint and Smyths gauges


The 58 Corvette is very nice but the 60 New Yorker edges it out as my favorite.

The DB5 dashboard was all business. Everything that you needed to monitor clearly a glance away. And you can stare down that long hand hammered hood!

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Looks like an old Clairtone boombox, that Olds Toronado. Sweet!

Corvair Corsa - I had no idea how cool this cluster was until just yesterday when I tripped across this photo:

I’m still partial to Corvette C2’s too:


I like my slightly modified (I did the tach myself) '57 GMC pickup’s dash.

Don’t have a good picture of my dash but its

slightly modified from original 1931. When I was a teenager the best looking dash was the buddies that registered gas in the tank…

Well, I own a few cars that I did not see listed that I think could be;
1961 Buick Le Sabre, 1977 Y82 Trans Am (Gold Machine Turned Dash), a 1969 Corvette that in the day made you feel like you were a jet pilot and a 1989 Corvette that made you feel like you graduated the space academy.
I am also partial to 62 Chrysler 300, and 60 Plymouth with the night and day effect.