Question of the Week: What car has the coolest gauges?

1985 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta

After 60 years of driving, my hindsight says functional, visible and simple. British, German or Italian sportscars. No gauges for the sake of filling space, or un-needed switches for the looks. A minimum amount of multigauges or switches. Forget the new electronic dashes, they serve to confuse and it takes to much time to figure it all out. Its just unnecessary, expensive bling. Put the tach upfront and unobstructed. The speedometer on one side and a oil temp, water temp, oil pressure and voltmeter multigauge on the other. No hoods.

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The Fiat does have a particular charm that’s missing in many dashes.

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Odd lack of Pre-War cars mentioned here. Lot’s of fabulous designs. One of my favorites is the Rolls-Royce “Round door” . (Properly named the Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe ll) A must see car…the original…not the copies


Yup I’m with guys on this. I couldn’t remember which Chrysler had these gauges so thanks for posting the pictures and bringing back child hood memories when I was lucky enough to ride in 60 New Yorker.

1937 Cord 812 Custom Beverly has a beautiful set of gauges against turned metal


I always loved the dash of a Facel Vega

I’m with you on the Cord. But the 1950 or 51 Mercury dashboard was also very nice.

You’re right about that ! Great looking dash !

Agreed! Whenever I see one of these Chryslers with this instrument cluster as a car show, I always have to point it out to the people I’m with…very memorable & unique!

I bought a 1953 Studebaker just for the gauges and wiring harness

I had a1962 Chrysler…I was always fascinated by that dashboard…until one night when I wound my hand up to the wrist to fix a light that was out and started getting shocked ! Couldn’t get my arm out !


That…is VERY nice.

1970 Cougar Eliminator.
Black camera case trim with a full set of gauges.

I can’t post a pic–someone can, I guess, of the 1960 Chrysler Imperial. Not only is the dash cool, but the translucent or colored rectangular steering wheel and swivel bucket seats were pretty darn cool.

The '61-'63 were also pretty cool–the steering wheels were amazing! The 300 letter cars shared pretty much the same dash, I think.

Pretty neat for the times.


C2 / midyear Corvettes, 1963-1967.

Simply the best. In every way.

The only car I’ve ever seen where there isn’t a single thing about it I would change in the overall design. I like the C3s too, had one for 11 years and I miss it. But C2s were and are the best. Nothing else like them, before or since.

IMO, of course. :grin:

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2 possibilities - MB 300SL (Volvo 1800 is a knock off of the benz) or a Ferrari Daytona or GTC/4

‘60 to ‘66 Chryslers were the best. (Except for the Jaguar XJ6)

Anybody in favor of the ‘68 through ‘70 Dodge Chargers?!


The second gen. Vets are the best but the first through forth gen Vipers are nice also. Datson 240z-280Z cars are cool also…