Question of the Week: What car would you like to find in your garage this holiday?

It’s gift-giving season, and while some can expect another yet car-themed tie, we all dream of opening the garage door to a four-wheeled gift that rumbles. Just about any car would be cool as a gift… but some would be cooler than others. (There’s a reason these two are on our ugly Christmas sweater.) We’re curious to know what car you dream of finding under the tree this year.

There are certainly a few with supercars or high-horsepower muscle on their list, and to those we say, “you’ll put it sideways, kid.” We can still dream, though. The most dreamed-of cars are often the ones with the lowest production counts, so maybe at least see if one is for sale before you put it on your significant other’s shopping list.

Maybe it’s not some high-dollar exotic, maybe it’s a particular car from your past? Tell us the story of the car that got away, the one you hope finds its way home in time for the holidays. We asked a few weeks ago about your favorite car-related gift, but now it’s time to go big and tell us the car keys you dream of getting on a bright Christmas morning.

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1968 Charger R/T 4-sp. 440 Magnum 4 bbl., black/bumblebee
1997 Mitsubishi Evolution V GSR, white
2001 BMW E39 M5, blue
2012 Aston Martin Virage, deep red

I’ve been a good boy this year Santa. Please?

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A 1976 Oldsmobile 98 Regency coupe

For a “project car” (aka mid-life crisis car), if someone left a 2009 or 2010 Boxster in the garage, I’d be happy. It would have to be some unusual color, though, and I’ve seen a few. An S2000 is also welcome, especially since I already have a lot of Honda tools on hand–it’s just so hard to find one unmolested. Bone stock, please. Since I’ve taken an interest in unpaved roads out west, a late-model FJ Cruiser is more than welcome–it’s just quirky and different enough to appeal to me.

If Santa left a classic, I would take a '65 or '67 Wildcat convertible, also as close to stock as possible. I’d take a '66 even though I don’t like some of the styling, as long as is has the Gran Sport package (and I don’t even know if the GS ever made it into a convertible).

This is an easy one! 1967 Corvette roadster, big block 4 spd, black with a red stinger and red interior. Second choice would be a Ferrari 288 GTO in Ferrari red.


If you have room in the sled, Santa, I wouldn’t turn down a 67 Corvette, a 1st Gen Riviera, or a 289 Shelby Cobra, or a, a, a, who am I kidding, I’ll settle for a new battery for my Avanti :slight_smile:


What I’d like to find is that the side of my garage reserved for storing a toy car has been magically cleared out. In the last three years it’s held a 911SC and a Subaru SVX but right now it’s jammed with construction materials awaiting the return of my long disappeared contractor. I just passed on a super sweet ‘88 Fiero GT due to lack of space. Humbug!

Come on Santa! You track down Big Ed and ferry him over here in your sleigh and I’ll take care of filling the garage with some four wheeled holiday cheer!

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I would like a 1932 Ford highboy roadster. Must have a supercharged flathead and all.period correct pieces. I’ve been good,.so I want a original steel body,.no kit car.


A low mileage C4 Corvette convertible with an automatic. The automatic would give my wife some of the enjoyment that I’d been hoarding driving our Z28 4 speed.


Besides an actual garage,

I’d been thinking about it a lot, and I’m going to have to go with:

1967 VW westfalia camper bus.



I have always wanted a an old school, street rod, no fenders, slight chop, like Milner’s Coupe but something different, like an all Buick or Pontiac Build.

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My buddy Ed’s Model a two door sedan… Ed passed away a ways back and left behind his old school '29 Model A hotrod. Sat on a modernized frame with a Ford flathead V8 and a three speed transmission in it. An absolute hand-full to drive… but that car was the real deal. I kick myself every time I think about it… wishing that I had made room in the garage for that car. Rest in peace Ed… rest in peace!


Those of us who cherish the prewar cars in stock form are a dying breed (literally). I would love to find a 1940 Packard convertible coupe in my stable. The quiet elegance
and super smooth straight eight denote a quality build far better than some loud obnoxious tire-squealing beast IMHO.!


1961 Pontiac Convertible

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The Dodge Challenger in the Scat Pack version.

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1974 Scout II - was kind of a harvest gold yellow - my memory doesn’t line up with the paint chips I see online.

2016 Porsche Cayman or Boxster - last of the flat sixes for these models. PDK or manual, I’d be content with either.

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1974 Porsche 914 1.7L in yellow!!

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1933 Ford Tudor (all black), please . . . or another Model A or Model T!

01ksdavis - I agree that a new garage would be nice. Also, I like that Corvair. Wish I had my '65 500 Sport Sedan back!

I want the hot-rod I haven’t built (yet). A 1984 El Camino with a BMW V-12 and a T-Top.