Question of the Week: What do you want to see from SEMA 2018?


It’s the end of October, time for the show that all custom cars are judged against—that’s right, the SEMA show is this week in Las Vegas.

With more than 2400 exhibitors filling one million square feet of floor space, the displays range from the automotive OEMs to the most niche of the aftermarket and tool suppliers, meaning there is quite literally something for everyone who has an automotive interest. SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is an organization of businesses which all have a hand in the automotive space.

The show isn’t open to the public, so it can sometimes be tough for the common man to get eyeballs on the really cool stuff that sits in and around the booths of the thousands of exhibitors.

One example of a SEMA build, this 1973 Chevrolet Laguna features Chevrolet’s new LT5 crate engine. (Photo Chevrolet)

Lucky for you, a few lucky Hagerty team members are on the floor, cameras in hand. We asked them to wear comfortable shoes and take photos of as many cool things as they can find, but with so many options, we’re looking to you for guidance. Have you heard about anything awesome that you’d like to get a look at? Let us know and we’ll do our best to photograph it and maybe get the inside scoop.


I love that they chose a very unloved chassis to showcase their new crate engine!


@Si_Guy - It puts an odd spotlight on it. Looks pretty awesome too. A co-worker made me aware of the bodystyle and it’s been kinda stuck in my brain since.


Please, after too much time already, Dodge will introduce the 2 door Charger R/T.
It could have the sans handles suicide doors on the rear if they must, but just get with it.


More reproduction parts for 75-79 Novas and their X body siblings. More on performance parts for Chevy inline sixes.


Why can’t they allow the public at SEMA?


@minimack1 - According to SEMA, the event is a tradeshow created for business owners large and small to connect with buyers and shops that utilize their products.

I personally tend to agree with you that at this point there is so much media around it that it mays as well be open to the public.