Question of the Week: What do you wish was launching at the Detroit auto show?


The automotive world descends Detroit this week for the North American International Auto Show, and that means new car news from multiple OEMs. No doubt there will be some cool stuff on display, including the new Toyota Supra and Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, but there’s also a lot less action this year than in years past.

Daydream a bit and think about what you wish you were seeing debut at the auto show. A two-door Charger? With a SRT Demon engine under the hood? Wish the C8 mid-engine Corvette were there? Us too.

What do you wish was debuting at a big auto show this year?


The mid-engine Corvette.


Inclined to agree with you @MisterTorgue.

Personally I would love to see a true small pickup.


Of course the Corvette is conspicuous in its absence. Cadillac should have shown one or both of it’s new sedans (CT4 and CT5). Ford should have had the Bronco at least in concept form and Lincoln could have debuted it’s new Corsair small crossover. Jeep could have shown the Grand Wagoneer and they need a concept or something to show the future direction of Dodge and/or Chrysler, which have been starved of truly new products for years.

I used to really enjoy the Detroit show but this is a very lackluster year. I’m hoping for bigger and better things from the new summertime Detroit show in 2020.


I currently own & drive a 2002 Mercedes W210 Estate Auro. 3.2. When I bought it there was a one owner & 62000 miles on the clock, today it has 164000 on it, & if I get the opportunity & my bucket list comes around I’ll with pleasure drive from my home to the spot we love in Barcelona Spain. This car has been the greatest pleasure to drive & she has done every mile without fault.


New Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.


A plug-in hybrid Ford Explorer would have been sweet. It’s stablemate, the Lincoln Aviator, will be a plug-in hybrid with a 30 mile range, but we are looking for something less spendy that can schlep the family around on electricity most days, and actually go off-road. Bummer it’s a regular hybrid.

Guess we will wait for the plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler that’s due out in a year or so.


Mazda RX-9

(as in the true successor to the RX-7, since the RX-8 doesn’t really count)


A Mazda 6 station wagon. A Ford Fusion wagon. A Hyundai wagon. A Chevy wagon.

Any of these would be a great alternative to a crossover for most people. A performance version would be really nice to see.


@jack.collins - I am with you there, a performance wagon from any American brand would be great.


How about manufactures actually allowing you to select interior colors instead of gray or black?


I wish more cars copied the fifties designs. I want a car that looks good. I would like to see a 1954 Chevrolet that was the exact size and shape of a 54 Chevrolet hardtop but had a Chevy Volt drive train. A 56 Ford Crown Victoria with Volt like components or a classic 52 Ford Hardtop, just the way it was.


Would love to see Mitsubishi bring back the 3000 GT


Perhaps an odd choice but I’d love to see a modernized version of the Mini Classic. So much scope to capture the cute and improve the tech.


A two door Dodge Charger , or a Plymouth Road Runner . Yes I know the names been dropped , but I’m sure Fiat still holds the rights . Is the mid engine Corvette debuting !


4-door Mustang. 2-door Charger. Grand Wagoneer based on RAM 2500 chassis with the 1000lb/ft torque Cummins. Any new Toyota/Lexus that has an attractive front-end.
Acura Integra Type R. Chevy Malibu and/or Equinox with Volt powertrain. Any new Pontiac.


Oh Yeah. I had a 2004 Colorado reg cab LS with the ZQ8 suspension. It was great to drive and hauled enough for me. I would still be driving but a BMW turn left in front of me at 204 K miles. No pt issues at all and I drove it hard.

I thought all the time that it could be greatly improved with a KERS unit and hub motors on the front.
A Silverado with those and an air suspension would probably get back into the showroom.


I would love to see an updated modern version of the Chrysler Turbine car! Perhaps making it a turbo electric drive?


How about bringing the Renault Alpine to North America? There’s a really cool car with plenty of rally heritage.


To see them bring back Pontiac with a new GTO or Trans Am