Question of the Week: What do you wish was launching at the Detroit auto show?


I would like to see the return of a Triumph or Austin Healey sports car.


You have to ask? Mid engine Vette…
and a Subaru truck for goin’ fishing…


Yes bring back the small pickups!

I’d like to see some manual trans wagons too. Next time you see a new Camry picture it as a sports wagon… v6 with a 6 speed, rockin stereo, rear entertainment system, road trip machine.


YES WAGONS! For years I thought they were lame, now I crave one. Camry Wagon, Avalon Wagon- sleek slick and good gas mileage. Even a true Corolla wagon not the hatchback thing that’s out now.


The new Chevy El Camino 4X4 with a real truck suspension and a 7 liter torque monster engine.


Roadrunner SRT8 or full blown electric with 999 horsepower under either Dodge or the SRT motor divisions. That and bring back the Scat Pack or the Rapid Transit System with Challenger, Charger, RAM and 300 R/T versions. Also bring back the 'Cuda.


I would like to see other car makers make a pop-up camper like VW. They are the BEST to own! A daily driver, cheap on gas, can sleep 4 comfortably, drive and park any spot, family oriented. Not everyone can afford or need a big camper or able to have 2 vehicles. Nice to hold family, daily driver, able to use in bad weather, (hold dog, then a tent),camp, use for hunting etc.


Mustangs ain’t 4-doors, and never should be


Wagons and hatch-backs! Why do Americans have to drive SUVs (stupid ugly vehicles) and “CUVs” (compressed ugly vehicles)? Open-back REAL CARS are SO much better in driving dynamics, fuel efficiency and style! S / CUVs are all the same 2-boxes on wheels. Go find one in a parking lot, unless it’s bright orange they’re nearly impossible to differentiate. Be honest, you’re not really hauling stuff around that wouldn’t fit in a wagon or hatch. That’s what roof racks are for.


The reported “4-Door Mustang” could just be a four-door sedan/hatchback on the Mustang Chassis. It might be called Thunderbird, Lincoln Mark IX or some other name we haven’t even thought of.
In any case it’s the best thing Ford could do to bring me back after getting rid of nearly all it’s car models.


A Suzuki Jimny for US sale.


The new Alfa Romeo coupe GTV6. it’s been promised for over two years,Alfisti are still waiting.


Today, while driving back to Los Angeles from the Zip-Tie Drags in Tucson, I saw 6 of these old beauties outside of Phoenix, maybe a club or something but they all looked like there were going camping. Great seeing them on the road!


I would love to see a return of Barracuda muscle…
along the C2 or C3 version lines
a bubbleback musclecar should be the next evolution as this hasnt been done in a while.

the nut buster


The vw microbus redux… They’ve drawn this one out longer than the new beetle, and now the nostalgia crowd doesn’t have much interest in vw anymore.

Perhaps their experience with the new beetle.is causing them to be over cautious with it…