Question of the Week: What feature or option from classic cars should return?

Vent Windows, Key locks on both sides, trunk key locks, key start, CD players, real gauges, not digital crap, radio with knobs…


Actual SPRINGS in the car seats. This does a lot to improve the ride.

Wing windows, kick panel vents, and roof rail gutters! Among about 100 other things!

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Real pile carpet, not the flat stuff they use today that is impossible to vacuum debris out of.

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Radios with real knobs and buttons.

floor mounted dimmer switch for sure
I can believe the NTSB ever allowed the column switch. I drive on mountain roads which actually requires moving the steering wheel. It is great to round a corner and take your hand off the wheel to dim for oncoming… safety be damned its cheaper to bundle the wires I guess…

I kind of miss the driver side & passenger side vent windows that went away in the late 60’s. I guess we have been getting along without them for so long that many younger drivers never had the chance to enjoy them. Of course they probably were designed with smokers in mind back when they first came out in cars which isn’t very well received these days and for good reason.

Full sized spare with jack and tools. I know some cars do not even come with a spare and tools.
Manual transmissions. Stick shifts are a built in theft deterrent since none of the young clods today wouldn’t have the first idea on how to used a stick!
Ash Trays. I don’t smoke but its a handy place to store spare change.
Simplified engines and electrical systems. I can’t work on my new truck. I can’t even see the engine. its covered up with plastic panels.
Style and character in the appearance. Most new cars look alike. Once upon a time I could identify a car or truck at a glance because each manufacturer had unique styling.
A La Carte options. I don’t like having to be saddled with a full package options I don’t want or need just to get the one I want.
I hate the plastic headlights. They fog up from UV exposure and look like crap. Can’t fix em so you have to replace them and most are $200 and up. Nice glass sealed beam headlights that don’t turn from sunlight and cost $10 bucks to replace.
etc, etc, etc.


2 dr hard tops and 2 dr coupes, too many models are only available in 4 dr.
Especially in the present array of off road vehicles.
Miss my old 2 dr Dodge Raider

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Reverse sweep tachometer.

A posi-track rearend that will accept 15" wheels, not 16, 18, 20’s ect. Good enough for Race cars good enough for us. Old school Chrome trims, Baby moons.

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No wagon wheel 20" wheels, bring back the 15" accept
narrowed rearend s

Mazda make “that” RX7 ROTORY! a million mile odometer and traficators.

Add floor vents to that and that list is perfect!

What I miss is cars that don’t have a display in the middle of the dash that shows a snowflake warning me it’s cold out and the road might be slippery or a cup of coffee with steam coming out of it saying it might be time to stop for a drink after driving for 3 hours…all of which our 2020 Soul GT does…I’ve been driving cars on public roads since 1981 and farm tractors before that and I don’t need my damn car telling me things I already know!

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YES!!! Bring back the Good Old Days…When you could order a car the way you wanted…lets start there!!! I remembered the last car my father ordered new, a 1979 Plymouth Voyager… Almost bone stock except for A/C and an AM/FM radio. Not the extended one that had the extra two feet on it but the 8 passenger, quad head lights, roll down front widows with vent windows and pop out side windows, barn doors on the passenger side and a single rear door. Painted steel wheels with those dog dish hub caps…total price…$9,000 dollar…You could get it in 7 different colors, both inside and out, 4 different body styles and 5 different trim levels…Forget about that with todays ridiculous buying options, Low , Medium and Outrageous option packages… Gone is the need to wait for a car these days and so is the feeling getting all of what you wanted…

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  1. Wood rim steering wheels
  2. 6 pin magnesium wheels with 3 ear knock offs
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My Volvo 1800 ES has no wind buffeting at all at highway speeds. It’s almost an odd sensation. Quarter windows help move some air around the cabin but with a lot of noise. Under dash vents to an OK job too. One thing I also appreciate are the separate controls for air flow to the defrost and floor, allowing you to have pretty good control on the air mix. All those things that modern cars do not allow you to easily do, if at all.


I’m a little surprised no one mentioned the little lights that were mounted on top of leading edge of Buick and Cadillacs facing the driver to indicate your high beams and turn signals were working. As a kid, I thought those things were so cool.

Hidden Headlights!
A lot of our Dream Cars from the 60s (but even the 40s!) had this wonderful feature to accentuate beautiful, uncluttered lines. From Cords to Miuras to RX7s. Yeah, yeah - regulations. So add an in-bumper “day-time” optic to keep the Law happy…