Question of the Week: What feature or option from classic cars should return?

IMHO, the first new car with a front bench seat as an option, will be flooded with sales by baby boomers! Not only does it gives the car an extra seat, it also allows for a passenger to rest their head on one’s lap on long trips. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have overdrive, unless you consider 6th as that. Vette has pas thru extremely loud exhaust pipes. Driving in 4th requires turning volume way up on radio… I guess I’ll just have to live with what I have… Thanks…

Pretty sure circa 2013 Impala was the last car you could get a bench front seat in. Was an +cost option.

So it was tried in recent times.

Funny you should mention that, as an older Gent, I frequently think when admiring classic rides, “How did I ever do those “things” in such a confined space?”

Vacuum wipers. White wall tires. Continental kits. Bench seats. Two tone paint. Metal Chrome bumpers. Bring back the uncomplicated Chevy 265-V8, Ford 272-V8, Dodge 241-V8 engines.

Smaller wheels - also lowers the cos$t for replacement tires.


That is old school.

Charles Kettering would be spinning in his grave at that thought.

Also, add another vote to running boards for me.


Class in the affordable price range.

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I’m new to Haggerty, so maybe it has been done. A series on some of the more popular old carburetors and rebuild tips. The old Rochester model “B” is a good example. I was struggling with instruction’s on whether or not to put the two check balls in accelerator pump well. through trial and error I found out. Simple carb BUT can fool you.

Ok, guilty, I didn’t read all 170 but if getting into the way back machine I vote for “back seat of my ‘60 Chevy”. Mine was actually a ‘59 rag top but equally satisfying…

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I’m all for the the dimmer switch on the floor as it could be coordinated with the one on the column for those with hand controls.
I’m also a big fan still of vent windows and definitely up for bringing wipers up from below the cowl to back on the windshield. There are others, but the point is, not all new ideas are good ideas


Flux capacitor. For when you need to pass.


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Wipers below the cowl were popular in the big GM cars in the early '70’s but were a big problem if your car was out and it snowed, melted and refroze.

Rear Wheel Drive !!!

Actually, for back seats, the only time I would prefer 4 doors is when the backseat is used for ______!! Much better when one door can be open, at least that is what I was told.