Question of the Week: What is the best automotive themed gift you have received?


If you’re gearhead, a holiday gift exchange is a fun opportunity to give some good automotive cheer to a fellow car-lover, or hopefully receive that one thing that you just can’t quite justify buying for yourself. Whether it’s tools, detailed scale models, or fun car-themed clothing, if you are into cars you have likely received a gift that caters to your undying passion for all things automotive. Tell us about your all-time favorites!

These coffee mugs are a small reminder of the seat you want to be in, even if the recliner is pretty comfy in the morning.


EZ TAG in Texas. Nothing like blowing through toll booths. Best gift ever!


My son got me a pair of H4 headlamps for my 85 911.


Chevelle wall clock with a neon blue ring around the dial. Keeps the garage lit enough at night without groping around and stubbing toes on the floor jack, stands, air compressor, power washer and vacuum (to name a few).


And I hit the reply button way too fast. My other son gave me with beautiful multi size metric socket and open end wrench set. Hope I don’t have to use it but so happy to have it


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Distributor cap and plug wires for my 1974 F100 pseudo-restoration. Blue, to match the many shades of blue in the exterior paint and interior restoration. From my wife, who supports my passion for this old classic.


The two missing editions of Automobile Quarterly a relative found for me. I miss that publication.


Weathervane with a Ford Model A Roadster topper. It’s gonna look great on the barn!


The best automotive-related gift I every received was a pair of jumper cables for Christmas from my Dad for my first car. I have used them many, many times over the decades and still have them today. If you mess with cars a lot, they are a must!


@mweiner - AQ really was a great publication. Full of information. When I worked in a library it was one of the go-to sources when doing research.


My daughter knows me all to well!


I recently picked up an '03 Cobra which I’m REALLY enjoying. My daughters got me this great book and other “Terminator” swag for Christmas. **



A birdhouse that looks like an old London Taxi that my sister gave me for Christmas.

Lobo Gris


Its almost a curse if you have something of a special type of car as an enthusiasts …since we bought our 89 GT convertible about 10 years ago…everyone seems to find something that is or close to something about the car to give me as a gift…whether its a FORD t-shirt or a metal MUSTANG PARKING ONLY sign…I even have two BLUE/ WHITE FORD oval clocks now… l get it, thank you and I appreciate it but …enough already…I don’t drink coffee but I have a HOT/COLD mug with a Ford logo on it, my cousin got me a Ford pen with a pocket sized led flash light for a key chain and my sister even got me a bottle top opener with Ford written on it for the garage…nothing this year under the tree with any Ford logo’s on it…I’m in the mood to sell the car and have made that known to just about everyone in the family…I hope they don’t get mad now and want their gifts back…some are still In the packaging they came in…LOL


All Camaro calendar with my 68 under the month of October.


My wife & son bought me an electric exhaust cutout for my Buick Grand National because I wore the 1st one out by using it so much. I just love the sound of a spooling turbo. :wink:


A pair of big black (with silver dots) fuzyz dice for my 81 Trans AM Black and Gold Special Edition firebird.


Back in the mid ‘80’s I owned a 79 Porsche 911. A friend of mine took a 6X2 inch plank of wood, varnished it and with welding wire he created a 3D silhouette of the 911 on it. Still proudly have it!



@raltbob - That’s a neat idea. I might have to try that in the future!