Question of the Week: What is the best automotive themed gift you have received?


I’d have to say, the lego models of the VW Bus and VW Bug.

As a VW guy, it was an eye opener to see how closely they tried to mimic the actual design.

Of course, Lego’s proximity to Germany may have something to do with the accuracy they were going for…


My wife gave me a Smithsonian 4 cylinder internal combustion engine kit that you build up just as you would a real engine with all the same components. Even though it is all plastic every component in a real engine is included in the kit. When finished assembling and after timing the engine it has a electric motor driving the flywheel. You can watch all the pistons and valves operate and each led spark plug fires in the proper firing order. Took 5 hours to assemble. As retired mechanical engineer it amazed me as to the detail and quality of the engine. It’s on my desk and if I want to show someone how a car engine works I just turn it on. A joy to watch.


A friend of mine bought this sign for me for my birthday. I can’t decide if I should hang it on the wall or continue to use it at car cruise-ins?


A Ferrari 275 GTB. That I bought for myself in 1991. Now comes the groan. I sold it in 2003. But all of us in the crazy hobby have that story. Just plug in your groan. At least it wasn’t a 250 GTO.


Weathervane with a Ford Model A Roadster topper, just like mine. Great addition to the property, and fun to see daily.


I was particularly pleased with the shirt and socks my wife got me…


Sounds like a talented guy! You should post a pic of that.


A model kit of my “68” Riviera I once had !


New Custom XL Orange CRUSH R/T’s (stickers) from TireStickers. com - what difference. All for less than 200$ → Eye-Poppin’ at shows. :slight_smile: !


You asked and here it is! Sorry it took me a while. image|689x316