Question of the Week: What is the best car TV ad?


Marketing is a powerful tool, and in many cases it’s an advertisement that plants the seed and ultimately brings someone into the showroom. When television screens first began lighting up living rooms across the U.S., automakers had a new challenge—entice viewers to become buyers in 30 seconds or less.

From regular 30-second spots to full two-minute short films, television ads have become big, expensive productions for many automakers. Some companies engage viewers in fantastic ways, while others drop a lot of cash and still miss the mark. Advertisers are also finding that the lifestyle a particular car represents can often be more important to a buyer than technical details.

This BMW ad is a timeless and well produced example.

We have our favorites, but we want to know yours. Leave us a comment below with the best TV ad you’ve seen, past or present. Extra points if it convinced you to go buy the car.


2 VW ads come to mind…

The one about what the snow plow driver drives…


and, the one with “the force” advertising remote start, etc. with the cute youngster and his dad… Think that last one aired during the superbowl a few years back.


@01ksdavis - I believe this is “The Fortce” one you are thinking of. I enjoyed it as well!


I’m not a Ford guy by any means, but this clip is pretty powerful:



Ford always had some wacky and creative commercials in the day. Some of these are by far my favorite and the reason 96 and priors trucks are my favorite Ford vehicles.


Porsche 928 commercial, man selling, as Porsche behind him goes across lakebed at ever increasing in speed showing on interior camera, till reaching top speed for the time at 167 MPH. Cool.

Older Dodge/Plymouth commercial of “torqueflite” durability, showing black burnout repetitive 'Z"s in pavement.

With 69 Charger, I tried this at home and didn’t have the quite have the same results e.g.new trans…


I would have to say that the 1973 MGB ad that had an MGB parachute out of an airplane, featured in your Nov/Dec 2108 issue, had to be among the coolest ads of all time. I remember the commercial when it first aired, and the article in Hargerty was great, bringing back both the memory and the fascinating story of how it all came to be. -Jay De Pol