Question of the Week: What is the best factory performance option?


There were many kinds of performance options illustrated in THAT magazine. Most with big displacements.


Jim-R - ROTFL For Gen 2 Firebirds, the WS6 option - front and rear sway bars, four wheel disk brakes, 1 inch wider tires, beefed up suspension.


I’m not exactly sure, but I think there was a β€œ67/68” Cougar that can be ordered with a aluminum or fiberglass front end and a 427 big block, I think a GX-7 ? Not sure. Also a β€œ65” Mustang with a aluminum font end , 427/428 , I believe It was call a Cammer, it was white with blue racing strips down the center from front to back. I believe I read about them in a book, don’t know much else. But I do know they did offer such options as aluminum/fiberglass front end on some cars . Thanks


If it was early years for me it would be 1969 β€œS” code 429 Boss Mustang today for my tastes 2019 ZR1 Corvette either would sit in the garage till i hospitalized myself for bypass surgery i would want to be sure i would survive such a heart pounding experience,not to worry my piggy bank wont put a dent in the price of either.R


ZL1 1LE, overall winner for me but others I like are from Ford, Mopar, GM, AMC, Nissan, Toyota, BMW.