Question of the Week: What is the best-looking two-tone car?

Two-tone paint is something that has been lost to time, as very few—if any—new cars are available with any type of split-color design. But there were a multitude of vintage cars with factory two-tone paint. We want you to tell us which is best.

Trace the automotive timeline all the way back to when cars were just beginning to break through the stigma of being toys for the rich, and you can find the difference between the best and the rest was sometimes just trim details. Two-tone paint required greater preparation and time to complete properly compared to a single-color paint job.

That complexity never went away, which might explain why two-tone was never universally adopted. That relative rarity makes seeing a well done two-tone paint job stand out that much more. For this Question of the Week we want you to share the car you think had the best factory two-tone.


My votes…

Early vw beetle convertibles.

And split window vw buses.
Pictures stolen from internet for display purposes only. Never had the pleasure of owning either kind.


50s cars where the trim really works with it. I’m generally in favor of less trim. But some of the 50s two tones totally justify it.

55 Fords for example.

…and there is this:


Yes, '55 was indeed a good year for two-tone cars. Case in point…

I personally think that the Austin-Healey 3000’s from the 1960’s were incredibly well suited for the two-tone look…

As far as the pickup goes, is it wrong that the only thing I find to be a turnoff are the wheels?


Do stripes count as two tone paint? If so I vote for a 67 Corvette, black with a red
Stinger stripe! That aside, I’m not a big fan of two tone but I do like a black and red 56 Bel Air.

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Wheels are certainly a to taste thing.

The truck in the picture looks otherwise stock, so to me it would look best with an original style rim. [two-tone pink was a 1971 GMC Canada option]

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It was pretty bland, but my dad’s 1952 Nash Ambassador was actually the first two toned car I remember…Gold and Cream. It was a heck of a car though, and the first my dad ever owned that reached 100,000 miles. He took a pic of the odometer with a brownie camera to prove it. Think I was 6 when he bought it.
Thanks for the question!
Capt. Randy

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I have to go with the Early Austin Healey’s. The look/lines from all sides and angles are breath taking. The two tone just enhances those lines. The early Healeys because they set lower in the rear and the exhaust sounds are only equaled by the P51 Mustang WWII fighter. War Eagle

1957 Buick in 2-tone green. Absolutely gorgeous!1957-buick-super-riviera-model-56r


Without a doubt, my favourite is the Austin-Healy 3000.

Hard to beat any tri-5 Chevy.
Larry in Jax, FL


Austin Healey 100 is my favorite.

Always liked Ferrari 512

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Depends on the era but mine is the 55 Chevy Bel Air Salmon and grey combo.


No Doubt in my mind, it would the 1961 Corvette with either Red exterior and White Cove or the Black exterior and White Cove paint job. Simply awesome combination for a great car. Near the end of First Generation Corvette run and fell in love with the Corvettes seen on the TV show “Route 66.” Corvettes have gotten better and better, but still love the early ones with that paint job.


57 Chevy Convertible, Turquoise & white with a white top.



1955 DeSoto.


Triumph Herald! :grinning:

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Easily my least favorite two tone color combination is yellow and black.

I am also starting to see new Toyotas in two tone. Not as spectacular as back in the 50’s, but a start.