Question of the Week: What is the best sounding engine?


That’s crazy Inestes12, because all the ‘old-timers’, including my 90 yr old dad, told me the same thing. But I’ve never been fortunate to hear one myself. I’ve got an old Chevy with a 235 ci. Maybe one day I’ll get a split manifold for it and find out first hand. :+1:


Certainly have to have the Triumph TR6 on the list - 2.5 litre straight 6, such a sweet song.


For me it is my 360 AMC Hornet cruising down the road, windows down, left arm on the door, country road, about 50 mph, sun shining, no cares.
But really it is anything that is yours that makes you happy.


With 2 or 4 wheels anything burning nitro but kudos to the Ferrari FXX and 26b Rotary, On water : 150 hp and above outboard motors, With a bar and chain: Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws, With wings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAujzrodH74

Kudos to a P-51 in a big hurry doing low level flyby.


The burble of a Yblock ford takes me back to my youth like no other engine. The staccato sound is sharper with high compression like my friends 57-312.


Have to say I’ve owned many cars over the years & my 62 Studebaker Hawk 289 has a unique pleasing deep rumble over the road never heard anything like it.


The best engine sound I can ever remember was the sound of 24 fuel injected big blocks screaming out of turn 4 at Oswego Speedway (NY) ready to take the green flag. Mid 70’s, covered grandstand and the sweet smell of methanol mixed with their famous sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches…Mmmmmmmm good!


Aston Martin V12. 'Nuff said.


This may be a typically ‘girl’ response; but I must say, my guy’s 2003 S-type R sounds marvelous! Always turns heads when he revs the engine! My regular old 2002 S-type sounds much more boring, but I still like it!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I prefer the sounds of engines that are somewhat affordable to own and durable enough to drive sedately. Two of the best sounding engines.i have heard (on tv, but still heard) are the original Ford GT40 427 with the 180 degree “bundle of snakes” headers exiting out the back panel sans mufflers, and the Ford flat plane crank 5.2 litre engine. The GT40 engine was basically the “R” code 427 engine that came in a fair number of different model Fords and Mercurys back in the 60s. You can buy all the parts now to assemble a FE 427 engine.
The 5.2 flat plane crank engine is a different story. Currently the engine runs about $65k, but it does come complete with a road legal car wrapped around it.


Nothing sounds better than a 49-53 Flathead exhausting through twin glasspacks! But I’ve never heard one blowing through Flowmasters. That would have to be good too.


@Jim-R The 767B is insane. I had the pleasure of climbing in and around awhile back and it was just too cool. The little details truly make that car other-worldly.

My vote is for for a air-cooled turbo flat six hanging out in the tail end of a Porsche.


Exhaust note…like beauty, is in the eye, or ear, of the beholder. For all it’s worth, which ain’t much, no exhaust is as pleasing to my old ears as a Ford V-8 flathead exhausting through a pair of Smithy mufflers. I bleed Chevy orange but those old Fords sure do emit a pleasing sound.


Both excellent choices! While I usually lean towards the calm/sedate side of the spectrum, I can certainly appreciate an expertly crafted race engine.

The 5.2 Voodoo engine, interestingly enough Ford has decided not to sell it as a stand-alone unit. So you are absolutely correct in stating that it costs $65k and comes with a complete road legal car


“Potato Potato Potato Potato” from a heavy cam-ed anything!


It’s a tough question, but I have to go with the LS-engine + Cam combo. It has an amazing howl at high RPM, but it’s the snarl and pops on decel always get me

Exhibit A:

My alternate pick would be a straight-piped Flathead Ford V8


This thing sounds brutal!


Another vote for a hot Ford Flathead.


The Ford flathead, Viper, W30, LS6, Lincoln V12, Hellcat and the Demon are all sitting here staring at me. Hands down, the Demon under full power will rock your boat. If the super charger whine doesn’t get you the exhaust sound will!


My 70 W-30 with factory balanced and blueprinted 455 and Dougs headers even made the hemi owners look around.