Question of the Week: What is the best sounding engine?


Those split manifold chevy sixes did talk to you. My classmate’s older brother would go by the
football practice field and you could hear it for 3 miles out of town to the main highway.


It was a 50 Chevy. We even used that car in driver’s ed.


They sound way better with Smitty’s glasspacks than Flownmasters to my opinion. I was wondering if anybody would mention the Ford Flathead. Sweetest sounding engine ever :slight_smile:


Probably Fords in my opinion. The 302 with dual exhaust always sounded nice, no matter what era. But I would have to go with the 427. Hearing it wide open at LeMans just sounds divine…



Or a mildly built VW motor with big Webers on alcohol…


440-SixPack, sounds very wild when those 6 barrels open up.


For me the sound of the retro Thunderbirds (2002, 03, 04 ,05) was the best rumble I have ever heard from a car. Not loud or rough just very robust and throaty.


a 50’s ford flathead wasn’t bad either