Question of the Week: What is the best sounding engine?

Those split manifold chevy sixes did talk to you. My classmate’s older brother would go by the
football practice field and you could hear it for 3 miles out of town to the main highway.

It was a 50 Chevy. We even used that car in driver’s ed.

They sound way better with Smitty’s glasspacks than Flownmasters to my opinion. I was wondering if anybody would mention the Ford Flathead. Sweetest sounding engine ever :slight_smile:

Probably Fords in my opinion. The 302 with dual exhaust always sounded nice, no matter what era. But I would have to go with the 427. Hearing it wide open at LeMans just sounds divine…


Or a mildly built VW motor with big Webers on alcohol…

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440-SixPack, sounds very wild when those 6 barrels open up.

For me the sound of the retro Thunderbirds (2002, 03, 04 ,05) was the best rumble I have ever heard from a car. Not loud or rough just very robust and throaty.

a 50’s ford flathead wasn’t bad either

the new Voodoo 5.2 in my Shelby GT350R is outrageous and lovely at the same time. cold start-up is nuts but later warmed up at over 8000rpms…with the exhaust valves opened up to SPORT, its tough to beat !

Late to the party, but I’m going to comment anyway. I’ve always preferred V8’s in general, and there are plenty of good singers out there from various manufacturers. But the one that rules them all in my opinion is the Ford 302 with the HO firing order screaming through a set of open long tube headers. Pure art.

Well since the P51 was mentioned as a (mostly) non-wheeled vehicle I’ll go with the old Lambo 9 litre V12 marine engine used as triples in the old Hustler 50 Pace Boat. I was with Global Marine / Hustler boats at the time and that’s when I developed tinnitus :wink:

Love the Farrari sound, even had clients bring in there Mercedes and want ne to make it sound like a Farrari, Jack

Without the wishful thinking of some with the exotics. The down home sound of the 87 to 93 Mustang with the 5.0 and dual chamber Flowmasters now that was a sound.

Well for starters I would say that the built 351 Ford Cleveland engine in my '72 Pantera is the meanest sounding engine with its big bore headers and tiny mufflers. But I have to say that Jaguar’s 5.0L V8 in F-type R or SVR guise is the best sounding current factory engine. Hard to believe it’s even legal.

I have been particularly partial to Mopars all my life, altho I have had the pleasure to hear many nice sounding engines thru the years. I have to say I will still put my 1970 plymouth Roadrunner 426 Hemi up as the best sounding engine

My 500+hp 351 Cleveland in my 1972 De Tomaso Pantera is ferocious sounding. Nothing like hearing big Ford V-8s.

I agree. Thosse stove bolts with split manifpld souned awsome