Question of the Week: What is the strangest special-edition car?


Auto manufacturers will often try to honor a piece of their history or heritage with special-edition trim packages. Other times an automaker will try to capitalize on a certain styling trend (blacked-out trim, for example) or cultural moment. Some land squarely on the bullseye (looking at you Bullitt Mustang) while others seem to land in the doorframe, completely missing the board. Where Mary Kay Cadillacs land on that spectrum is up to your taste.

Special editions can be tough, as the style and pricing has to line up with the enthusiasts who have the cash to lay down on a new car. Also, the model and the special edition need properly match up. U.S. ski team edition 1976 International Scout II? Well done. Barbie Fiat 500? Probably right for that market, too. Fila-edition Ford Thunderbird? Less so.

The FILA Ford Thunderbird just missed the mark (photo- Ford)

Now we want to hear from you. What special edition car might have had great intentions but just didn’t land like the marketing department intended? Let us know in the Hagerty Forums below.

The 4 worst automotive special editions, according to you

The Nissan Figaro like mine

was a special limited edition car sold only in Japan and made for just one year, 1991. It only came in 4 colors, one for each season. They don’t get much more special than a Figaro.


I think the MERKUR XR4Ti K2 edition is kind of a rarity. It is basically a sticker package, but I have never seen one in my lifetime.


I owned one in 1992 and had no idea what the decals were! We jokingly said it looked too much like KKK, and I promptly had them removed.
That was 1 of 2 XR4Ti cars I owned, with the first being a silver 1985 model. I was only about 18-19 years old and didn’t know any better, but I liked how very few people knew what they were!


I had a friend with the Fila T-bird in high school; it was purchased used at a cost no greater than any other 10 year old ford.
Keeping in the ford family lets review other Ford fops
1963 Monaco Thunderbird
Bill Blass Lincoln Mark series many years worth.

Also the other “designer” Lincoln’s from Cartier, Valentino, and Givenchy.

We can also note the special edition Mopar Mod Tops from the flower power year of 1969.image


that is sweet! I need to find one for trips to the ski hill.


One of the strangest I remember is the Levis Edition AMC Gremlin 78d67ca321cd9b7a7ef3784b1e1b1615


Another oddity for 1972 the Sprint edition Mustang, Maverick, and Pinto.


One last one from me. Can you tell I’m a Ford guy?
The 1990 7-UP Edition Mustang


The 1990 7up Mustang was odd but only in heritage. Few people actually knew that Green Mustang convertible with the white interior was designed to be a prize in bottle cap sweepstakes by 7up. 7up actually cancelled the plan before any were given away, leaving ford to have to sell them. I’m not a Ford guy but I’d like one.



1976 Plymouth “Feather” Duster: A $50 “economy” option substituted aluminum for steel in several areas that brought the weight down to get better gas mileage during the 1970s fuel crisis.image


I bought a one owner, pearl white, 1992 Subaru SVX LSL AWD back in 2000, drove it for 8 years,


Volkswagen Golf Bon Jovi Edition. To commemorate VW’s sponsorship of Bon Jovi’s mid-90’s European Tour.


How about the Oleg Cassini AMC Matador?



Or the Pierre Cardin Javelin interior?


How about the Aerotechnik 200SX-T? Basically a Nissan 200sx (240sx in the US) with targa tops and a knockoff looking Ferrari body kit.



Back in 1979 a radio disc jocky wanted to trade me a 1976 AMC Oleg Cassini Matador for my 1974 Jaguar XJ6C. He brought it over for me to see, and my brother and I laughed or asses off. It had a big Crystal hood ornament with an Oleg Cassini Gold medallion in it. The interior was Navy Blue Peacoat material and was adorned with brass Oleg Cassini buttons. That thing was a real pimpmobile. Funny thing is I wouldn’t mind having it today.


There was also the Frank Sinatra Chrysler Imperial. The only real difference between it and a regular Imperial was a stash of Frank Sinatra cassettes.


Levi Gremlin first appeared in '73 which is pictured here. I still have my '74 Levi, factory V-8 with 25K original miles resting for the winter here in Cleveland, OH. I am the original owner also.