Question of the Week: What is the strangest special-edition car?


I remember in 1978 Datsun had a 200SX-E which was supposed to be a clever play with letters. In reality it was a regular silver 200SX with a one of a kind plastic body kit. Nothing too SX-E about it!


Here is another one for the folks in Seattle with a brand new NFL football team. Datsun had the Z Hawk! It was a silver 280Z with some of the most amateurish tape stripes ever.


Another European version VW Golf(Rabbit) Rolling Stones Collection 1995. Launched with alloys, the band’s name on the rear flanks and a more flash interior (with the band’s name embroidered into the headrests).

I’m not sure which one of the two gained the most from this collaboration but guessing VW got most credit and rock n roll out of it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the background on the 7-up Mustang because I didn’t know the full story. I have a friend that had 2 of them. Not a bad looking car actually - color combo and styling is ok. If the history of a car is “quirky” or unusual, that’s fine - can actually be more appealing.


My parents had the Bill Blass Mark V. What a boat. I drove it a few times after I got my license and you literally used the hood emblem to point the nose in the direction you wanted to go. The seats were unbelievably comfortable, too. The hood was probably 6 feet long!


Hermes Edition of the Bugatti Veyron


I owned a 7-Up for a few years and it was in museum quality condition. It was such a nice car to drive around in. I regret selling it.


I had one of these Maverick Stallions, same color combo, with a 302 back in the late 80’s. Called it the Bumblebee. The Stallion package came in a few color combos, most of them being silver and black I think.


One of my favorites is the 1993 Ford Mustang LX Limited Edition or “Summertime Special”. Ford only made 1503: Yellow with a black interior = 1119; Yellow with a white interior = 384. This is even less than the popular Cobra’s produced that year (5,100).image


Ford Bronco Free Wheeling comes to mind!


I have spent a lifetime seeking out “poor man’s” unique cars.
Three I have owned come to mind.

  1. 1964 SAAB 96 3cylinder 2 stroke (not a Monte Carlo)

  2. 1976 Lotus Elite

  3. 1975 Buick T -Top Pace Car


1975 Buick Pace Carbuickttop


1976 Lotus Eliteloutselite


Pontiac Special Edition Aztec GT!


I own a 1978 Levis Jeep CJ-7


The fifties Dodge La Femme


Last year I acquired a 74 Mark IV. You sir are correct on all fronts. The crosshairs of the hood was very helpful in guidance, if you aimed at the fog line over that acre of hood you stay in your lane. And the seats were like leather clouds. Between those seats and the exhaust leaks the drivers seat was a great place for a good nap!


The 1975 Datsun Honey Bee! I worked at a Datsun dealer back then, and all of us called them the “Honey Bucket”


image https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRuGpmdr8dAz46K20Nzu4Osx0KAvpqgJ32Df-tFrbFEXvjOFw
Dodge La Fem? If we put pink on it and patronize women in our marketing maybe they’ll ask the husband to buy one. At least I think that was the brasses logic.


Sure the American Sprint Mustang is stranger, but what’s stranger is the Canadian version.

It was virtually identical, down to the red, white, and blue colour scheme, with the only modification being a maple leaf decal instead of a stars and bars one!