Question of the Week: What is the strangest special-edition car?


There was also a jeans edition of the vw bug.


Need I say More???


How about the US Ski Team Subaru wagons? I can’t recall ever seeing one on the road, even when they were new. image image


Joseph Abboud Buick Regal. I was in the wholesale car biz for 38 years and went the 3-4 auctions a week where I was exposed to 7-8000 cars a week and I hung around a large volume Buick/Cadillac/GMC store and I never saw one. Not a lot of “fashion-conscious” seniors in Southern California I guess. IMG_3240-1 IMG_3241-1


Checker Marathon Surge!

Talk about your soda promotions. In the 1990’s Coca-Cola tried to market a knock-off, caffeine-fueled, “citrus-flavored” soda to try to capture some of the cool that Mountain Dew was enjoying at the moment. Surge! was flourescent green like Mountain Dew but tasted god-awful and never really caught on. The introductory promotion involved creating 50 Surge! Checker cabs and basically raffling one off in each state. The cabs themselves were mostly retired fleet cars from a number of model years (like that mattered with Checkers anyway) that were refurbished with vinyl landau roofs and, of course, the Surge!-green color scheme inside and out. I don’t think they actually got to doing all 50 cars before Coke pulled the plug on the promotion and eventually Surge! itself.


I recall these. One of the worst “clever” names ever.


I remember the XR4Ti - I don’t think the spoiler was aerodynamically designed but it had ‘the look’


A nod to the Imperial post above; Mark Cross Leather, that product line was extremely expensive - and remains so. Then add Cartier emblems - and the option Frank Sinatra model. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/169236898471130227/


1978 Alfa Romeo Spider - Niki Lauda F1 edition


ABSOLUTELY!..the Pontiac Aztec was a styling disaster…it was born ugly…and it died because of that


I have a 2002 Mazda Miata SE in Laser Blue Metallic that could only be ordered on the internet for about a month in Fall 2001. They ended up selling something like 145 of them. It’s still a very pretty color.


This must be one of the strangest tribute cars. And I owned it.
A 1976 Dodge Charger Daytona.
It was really a Chrysler Cordoba dressed in a 2 tone blue paint job and “DAYTONA” stickers.
It sported a 360c.i. 2 bbl smogged out V8 with around 160 h.p.
Unlike the original Daytona, this Dodge topped out at a blistering 113 mph. Trust me, that’s it.
But with white “pleather” bucket seats, cruise & power everything it made a nice cruiser for 18 y.o. me back in 1983.charger%20daytona


My 1976 Daytona.


I’ll be honest, the Pontiac Aztek was the pioneer for all those ugly “crossover” cars everybody loves these days. I feel like they all look the same with minor styling differences but the body shape screams Pontiac Aztek to me
Like the Edsel, it was simply ahead of its time :sunglasses:


I worked at a Buick dealership in NJ back in the mid & late 1970’s… In 1976, Buick came out with a similar looking “Bicentennial Regal”… white with white bucket seat interior and blue carpets, T-top, white painted wheels, and covered with blue and red graphics… Two of them were sent to our dealership and they sat on the lot for MANY months, without much more than a curious glance… One morning, one of them had vanished overnight!! I remember the sales manager pacing the showroom, saying over and over again, “I hope it was stolen, I hope it was stolen.” It was recovered in Newark and returned… missing some parts!!! I don’t recall how we ever got rid of that car, but the other one was eventually sent to the body shop to have the red & blue stickers removed. After that, someone eventually bought it!!


I agree…the Pontiac Aztec SUV may have been ahead of it’s time…functionality over styling…maybe too many deep thinkers trying to make it fit every family’s situation…today…it’s weird styling over smooth aeronautic engineering…gapping grilles that could ram swallow a Labrador with barely a burp…hitched up side glass that defies seeing any thing or any body approaching from the side…tailgates and taillights that are bent, folded and bulging…some of the efforts from the Pacific Rim could make great clown cars at a circus…exterior beauty has fallen to the knife of computer graphics with a heavy emphasis on being just plain odd looking…and don’t forget the trend to full width taillights that cancel depth perception at night to judge distance to the auto in front of you…


I worked for Subaru in 1984 and we had a little 2dr 4WD Hatchback with this decal package…The person who purchased the car had our body shop remove the decals…LOL I had the opportunity to drive it many times before it was sold…hooked me on 'Ru’s…have owned 11 over the years and still have 3 in my stable.