Question of the Week: What is your automotive New Year’s resolution?


As the taillights of 2018 begin to fade into the distance, all eyes are on 2019. New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, some slightly more gearhead-focused than others. If you own a set of fun-to-drive wheels, it’s the time of year to think about your plans with that car for the coming year—and we want to know what’s on the horizon.**

This year might be the perfect year to make the pilgrimage to Woodward Dream Cruise, or your other favorite car event. (photo Hagerty)

Whether you want to make significant progress on that nagging project that has been sitting on the back-burner for weeks (or months, or years), or maybe take a finished car out on the road more. Finally going to that show or tour you’ve been eyeing for a few years would be a good one too. Be it a big epic road trip or just a drive down the street, let us know what you are planning to do this year in the Hagerty Forums below. Or, even better, tell us about your big 2018 accomplishments.


I own three classics: a black '62 Fuelie; black 63 1/2 Galaxie500XL 406, and a teal green and grey metallic '56 210 (383 dual quad 4-speed). This year my goal is to go back to my family automotive roots and own a Packard…specifically an iconic 1939 120 coupe. My grandfather was Alvan Macauley, president and chairman of Packard for 30 years from the 1920s through the company’s demise. So it seems only fitting that I finally acquire a family legacy car! ‘Ask the man who owns one.’


Going to take the 65 Bonneville convertible on Route 66 from Chicago to California.
This is one of my bucket list items.


I want to take my Corvair to a show. Been driving the it for a few years but never taken it to a formal show. Don’t think it’s my cup of tea, but I feel like I should at least try.


Well after 12 years I’m finally writing off taking one of our classics to Hot August Nights in Reno. Had my fun - and besides here in Arizona we enjoy auto events all the time.


Going to sell my 1929 Model-A Tudor I think, and might get into a 1970’s street legal, probably Honda, XL enduro? Would love to cross off a bucket list car and get a Fox-body 5.0… we’ll see!


mander8583, I’d like to do the same, I’m trying to finish a 1964 Imperial Convertible and take it. I understand there is a group that does it every year, early Oct, traveling about 200 mile each day for 2 weeks, then you find your way back on your own


Hi, trying to finish my '54 Corvette restro-mod. The car is into paint at the moment and hopefully will be out in 3-4 months. Been a long project, 2 years so far, 1st year was disassemble and removing old paint, second year was fixing up the body, which also included rolling out the rear fenders 3" on each side for the wider wheels/tires, narrowing up the front wheel wells a little and repairing considerable body damage. Drivetrain is from a donor 1990 ZR1, LT5/ZF transmission and the ZR1 rear suspension. Came up with a coil over plug arrangement and now working on individual throttle body induction system while the car is in paint. Can’t wait to drive this thing, maybe on a Hagerty road trip.


I doing my next build a lot different, starting this new year. I am rebuilding the motor, trans and rear end as needed, which I already have. Then I will store the rebuilt drivetrain while I find a donor body and restore that as needed. It will be an A-body Mopar for sure when it’s done.


This will be the first full year with my 1961 Impala, Bubble top 348 Tri-power. I purchased it after a full resto was done 13 years ago and it had 507 miles on it as its owner had become ill. I tried to have it ready for Lost in the 50’s in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho but couldn’t make it. My goal this year a 500 Km road trip to the Colombia Valley Show in Radium Hot Springs, British Colombia.


I just want to drive my 64 Galaxie 500 more. Work less, play more !


*Buy an enclosed car trailer and get out with my cars more…mountain drives, events and shows.

*Fix a leaking roof and add a second two-post lift at this old building I use for a shop/garage near my home.


Waiting for April when the snow melts, change the oil, fire up the 428 v8, drop the top on my 67 firebird and go for a spin. Then likely put out the for sale sign as this will be the last year for me :frowning:


@keith.woodward - That’s a bummer! hopefully you get at least a few good drive out of it this year.


@Jim-R - A second lift?! Now you are just showing off :wink: I’m just jealous though, even though I know if I had a lift I would take on projects that I shouldn’t.


It’s just an old two-stall gas station that a buddy and I bought some years ago…definitely nothing to brag about. The first lift we bought at auction and installed ourselves. But between the two of us it always seems to be busy. You wouldn’t be sorry if you got one. Im old and don’t dread doing some things like I used too. And as a consequence don’t procrastinate…as much.


I would like to in 2019 finally get my 1972 Camaro Z28 back on the road. I pulled it off the road in 2009 after owning it since 1983. It survived getting married, buying a house and having two children. During a complete rotisserie restoration I became involved with fixing up my father’s 1952 Chevrolet pickup, and helping my son with 2 1969 Mercury Cougars. Finally now getting back to my project. Hope to see it at least hit the streets summer of '19.


drive my hot rod more this year. Finished it back in 2012 and it only has 700 miles on it since then. That has to change because at my age I’m already circling the drain so to speak.


My four speed 73 Pontiac Formula 350 Ram Air Firebird was tied up last summer having its Dash Panel IC “board” & Main Wiring Harness replaced.
I missed showing it at the Pontiac Nationalls, held at Summitt Raceway in Norwalk, OH for the second year in a row.
Definitely want to drive it out there for the August 2019 along with my 2019 five speed Pontiac Solstice GPX Coupe.
Now that I am retired want to take turns taking them to local “Cruise Ins” on the “North Coast” of OH.


I’m gonna do my darn’dest to make all of my project cars ('70 Mach 1, 2 Merkur XR4TIs, and an '81 280zx 2+2) moveable under their own power, if not outright drivable. Wish me luck, 'cause I haven’t been able to accomplish that much in the last 6 years. :\