Question of the Week: What is your can’t-miss auto race?


Akin to yesterday’s NFL Super Bowl and last weekend’s 24 Hours of Daytona, fans eagerly anticipate large-scale sporting events that come around just once a year. We want to know which auto race is the one you just can’t miss?

Photo by Cameron Neveu

The big staples of endurance racing are once-a-year affairs, like the Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500, and the 24 Hour of Le Mans. And the end of most racing seasons feature some type of finale, like the NASCAR playoffs. If you’re an enthusiast and prefer your racing a little dirtier, the Chili Bowl brings great dirt oval cars indoors for a spectacle. The Winter Nationals is where the best of the NHRA’s 11,000-horsepower dragsters battle it out. Or maybe the 24 Hours of Lemons is more your speed.

Whatever your track or race of choice may be, we want to hear about the one event you look forward to all year. Let us know in a comment below.


Baja 1000 all day long. Ring 24 as a close second.


Any rally racing. Also any Goodwood event. The hillclimb and the revival race are both amazing.


For me many events come to mind: Empire Climb Revival, Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge, Son*drift, and absolute must: Indy 500!


King of the Hammers off road race held in Johnson Valley California. This is a week long racing event that combines rock crawling with desert racing.


That’s an easy one…The Twelve Hours of Sebring!! All the drama of the Daytona 24 and LeMans crammed into half the day. I still get the dramatic start, the attrition and heroic recovery from a strategy or track mistake, and the breathtaking finish while still sentient! Then as a bonus, it is spring break in Green Park with all that implies. Just a perfect day!


I totally agree with lotusross. I’ve been going to the 12 Hours of Sebring for over 20 years now. I’ve also been the grand-daddy of them all - The 24 Hours of LeMans. Still like Sebring better. This year at Sebring, we get IMSA and WEC all in one weekend. Sweet!


The Winternationals. The start of the NHRA season.


Having been to many of the usual big races, I enjoyed the Grand Prix at Monaco the best. The atmosphere is unbeatable and the surrounding area is fabulous.


Hands down…anything in Watkins Glen, NY: “Go Bowling at The Glen” (only NASCAR race in NY state), Zippo 200 (NASCAR Xfinity Series) or the granddaddy U.S. Vintage Grand Prix downtown.


Absolutely the U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. I wait for it all year and I never miss it!


Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix


I have been an avid drag race fan since the early '60s so NHRA Nitro drag racing is the best. I went to Englishtown, NJ in 1968 when that national event was called the Springnationals & later the Summernationals, to bad that it is no longer in operation. I stated going to Maple Grove in Mohton, PA in the early '70s & continue to go there every September for the Dodge Nationals.
If you have never been to a NHRA National event you need to do so, the TV coverage is good but being there is unbelievable, the sound,smell & vibration will knock you down! Also your ticket allows you full access to the pits which is a show in it’s self to watch the crews tear a nitro motor down for service after a run & have it back together for the next run in 60 minutes, it’s amazing, so get out there & do it!!!


I have been going to the Vintage Races at Watkins Glen since it started some 25 years ago. An amazing gathering of cars that were raced with ingenuity, elbow grease and guts.

Many years of cars and races can be viewed in my Watkins Glen Vintage Race Fans FB page. Check it out!


NASCAR Monster Cup Sonoma race. 3500 lb. road racers on small tires.


NHRA Winternationals at Pomona - this is how I share a special Valentine’s day with my daughter. Going on for 8+ years now —


The Indy 500 and the Holley Hot Rod Reunion vintage drag racing at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY.


SVRA U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship at Circuit of the Americas. Race cars of every vintage - what’s not to like?


Daytona 500 is it. The unofficial first day of Spring!


We never miss the Vintage races at Waterford Hill. If you get a pit pass, you can see the cars up close and might even get dragged in to help someone fix their car. They also have parade laps so you can take your car on the track and there are lots of old hot rods, track cars and European classics people drive to the track.