Question of the Week: What is your can’t-miss auto race?


Ditto. Best opportunity to see historic race cars and their owners/drivers. A great time at a great track.


NASCAR ruined the Daytona 500 with restrictor plates. The Southern 500 at Darlington is my must see race every year, especially now with the “Throwback” retro paint schemes most teams run that weekend. The Southern 500 has been one of NASCAR’s crown jewel races since the inagural 1949 season (though wrong-headed chasing of profits rather than honoring tradition had it moved first to California then to Atlanta a few years. The track surface at Darlington is notoriously abrasive, Anyone can look like a hero for five laps but the trick is to manage your tire wear for a full fuel run not lick all the red off your candy in those first five laps. We finally have the Southern 500 moved back to the right track and on the right weekend, now we just need to have it run in the afternoon again under the hot Carolina late summer sun not under the lights.


Are you kidding? Lemans is the greatest, biggest, oldest race in the world. It was a bucket list item of mine since the Fords and Ferrari’s competed in the 60’s and I finally did it last year. Well worth every penny. Pony up the money for the Paddock, the Pit Walk and the Grid Walk. Met Hurley Haywood and Derek Bell. The greats were all around me. Join the ACO and do it. You won’t regret it.


Indy 500. I would not watch F1 unless I wanted to watch a parade. I also like sports car racing, but NASCAR doesn’t do much for me.


Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival (www.LGGPR.org) which is a ghost track from 1959 to 1972. It is held at Garnett, KS. It was a SCCA course around a fishing lake. Caroll Shelby brought Cobras 97, 98 and 99 in 1963 to challenge the new Corvettes. When I was young I heard about Lake Garnett but never had the chance to go. Now, in my 70s, I run my 1949 MG TC there every year in the Historic Group. What a thrill. RussTC8875


I’m 70…It has to be Le Mans!


King of the Hammers. They race through monster rocks, flat out speeds up to 140 MPH in open desert, and have over 50% attrition, usually. 1,000 horsepower heavily-sponsored vehicles and privateers with home built machines, UTVs, motorcycles, Trophy Trucks, and of course, Ultra4. Probably the ultimate no-holds-barred race vehicle, these four wheel drive monsters make no pretense of their nature. Tube with flat body panels so there’s a place for livery, they race over truck sized rocks, often winching, then fast desert, then rocks again. They also drive over the other vehicles occasionally, and it’s part of the race. It’s broadcast live on the internet, with multiple camera locations throughout Johnson Valley, CA, as well as drones and helicopters, so you get the action at your computer, phone, or tablet. Johnson Valley defines “middle of nowhere”, but with the amazing technology in use, it’s better coverage than most any other venue.


Indy Car at Mid Ohio


The Monterey Historics during Pebble Beach week at Laguna Seca is absolutely AMAZING! 2018 featured Can Am cars, which being born after the Can Am days was an immense treat to see those things ripping around the track.


Indy 500 for sure…there’s a reason it’s known as “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing!”. I have only missed one since it began being televised live in 1986.