Question of the Week: What is your favorite budget-friendly classic?

Budget was the determining factor along with it being a convertible when i bought my 67 Chrysler Newport in April 2017. seller had it on craigslist for 9500, said it was green, probably why i watched it for 6 months as the price dropped from 13,500…it’s Miller High Life Gold- my beer,( I’m enjoying one ads i write this) so the car had an additional attraction. when i told him i was coming to buy it he decided 9500 was too low and held out for another grand, i almost didn’t do it but wife said oh go ahead- glad she did, i love it!
In May '18 my adult son said to me and a buddy that we should take the Newport from Newport to Newport- so we did!
Made it into a fund raiser for The Dave Parker39 Foundation (i am the event coordinator www.daveparker39foundation.com ).
We left Oct 10th after having a new water pump, thermostat and plug wires installed and drove 2912 miles in 7 days visiting Newport Ri and 4 other Newports(PA,DE,Newport News, and TE along the way.) stopped and even met Wayne Carini at F40 Motors- Chasing Classic Cars. in Newport RI we saw Jay lenop’s new 13.5 million mansion (see pict).
Great trip, car ran great! the only thing that went wrong the whole trip was the speedometer light went out the last 50 miles to the motel the last night. raised $4000.00 on GOFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/manage/the-drive-against-parkinson039s) and direct to the foundation, using the additional funds to help some local Parkinson’s patient who needs help making their home accessible or with caregiver costs.

Looking for Corporate sponsors for the west coast leg- 7,000+- miles to Newport Beach CA with stops in Newports in:IN;WI;NE;OR; then TX and AR.) contact me via www.daveparker39foundation.com if you have interest in sponsoring the trip.Jay%20Leno’s%20house|690x460

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Its also my favorite, but I dont have.

My 62 Ford Falcon is a great candidate as I spent less than half of that $10k budget buying it, and everything on the car works. It also runs and drives great.