Question of the Week: What is your favorite front-wheel-drive car?

It’s a good thing you never had to make a real panic stop - those X bodies were notorious for locking up the rear brakes and introducing the rear end to the front end. Absolute death traps and GM would never acknowledge the fact that the brake equalizer (front to back) was the culprit. One of three reasons I have not owned anything from GM since 1981.

There is only one real “Giant Killer” in sheep’s clothing I ever owned.It was the 1991 Cadillac Seville STS in Hunter Green.See attached photo.

I had this little sleeper for over 12 years and 175000 miles and it just loved the abuse I gave it.The streets around Chicago, in any season, were not safe from my little known beast’s bite.Those fast over sized Northstar STS Caddy’s never knew what hit them when it was done mauling them.Yes,It truly confused many fellow street racers at any speed in any weather.I wish I could find a nice mint low miler and drive it only to car shows. 4.9 L / 200 HP/ FWD killer car:grinning:!

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I owned 3 Citations over the span of 7 years and never heard anything about bad brakes and never experienced any problem with them no matter how hard I had to stop. I got rear ended stopped for a traffic light by a full size Ford van going 40 miles an hour and that Citation saved my life.

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BJ - Check out the following article from the Washington Post regarding X body brake issues. GM attitude very similar to their denial of the ignition switch issue until forced by the Gov’t. Fortunately, not as many people died though.

That is a very interesting article. Thanks. I bought my 80 in the Spring of 80 so I guess some of the changes had been made by then. Since it was 39 years ago I don’t remember getting any recall notices but I could have. Still, I never had an issue with the brakes myself.

'04 or '05 Saab 9-5 Aero with a Maptun performance mod chip and Krona exhaust. 280 bhp, 290 lb-ft and 3,200 lbs. No speed limiter. Fast, comfortable, decent handling Q-ship.

My 1968 Cadillac Eldorado…


I learned to drive on a 1978 Honda Civic cvcc. It was so lightweight and powerful it was an absolute blast to row through the 5 speed. Spoiled me for anything else. Later, I borrowed a basic VW rabbit and was really wowed by the way the Germans make the driver one with the machine, still, that Honda won my heart.

I worked at a Chevrolet dealership back then. I was doing a new car prep, where we take cars expected to sell quickly & get them ready for possible delivery.
Well I’m driving this X-11 and with a std it was quick ( for the day) I’m driving our regular route when I come up on another tech, my buddy Teddy & he’s prepping a newly released 1984 Vette!
So of course we messed around on the private return road. From a dig I got him till around 40, (he had an automatic) then he slowly passed me.
But the little X-11 handled good enough that he couldn’t get away from me! Funny how I my 20 year old brain thought they were quick.

I like most cars, (would love to own a Riviera one day) but Acura has made some of my favorites:

'92 Acura Legend LS 3.2 V-6, extremely comfortable, fast and stylish (at the time), but sub-par brakes and significant understeer due to a heavy front end compromise its handling–otherwise, a great cruiser.

'99 Acura Integra LS fastback, quick, tossable and surprisingly comfortable for a compact.

'04 Acura TSX, sleeper looks, but very quick and uber competent–surpasses the feel of my rwd '84 BMW 318i.


what, did you take the insurance settlement and buy a Pacer?

Only had a shot at one that impressed me in my youth the owner of a company that I worked for in my early twenty’s had a Caddy El dorado i believe it was like a 1975 or near abouts it had a huge motor seemed like you could put a cattle trough between the valve covers,for what ever reason he let me take this car to pickup parts from time to time i could hardly believe you could do smoky,s with that size tank but yep lock the emergency brake and lite it up hilarious the smoke emanating from the front fenders,damn lucky that I never smoked the transmission but that tank would fly ashamed of myself now for beating on the guys new car but at the time it was a blast.Rob R