Question of the Week: What is your favorite road trip destination?


Driving your vintage ride is one of the best parts of classic ownership, and having a destination in mind can make the trip that much better. Depending on your car of choice, a trip can be across town or across the country. We want to know where you go when you roll onto the street, close the garage door behind you, and burn a tank or two of fuel.

When I owned a vintage Suzuki while living in McPherson, Kansas, one of my favorite motorcycle rides was to the museum in the next town. Now that I’m in Michigan, the Sinclair station in Cassopolis is a fun stop anytime I get in the car and head south.

1965 Chevrolet Corvair at a vintage Sinclair station in Michigan

You road trip can be big or small—from a friend’s shop to the Smithsonian—but if it gets your car out on the road, it is a good thing. So where do you go when the driveway ends and the highway begins?


Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) from Orange County, CA to Northern CA


Funny, I shot a song video in that very gas station using my old cars.
Song is on YouTube http://youtu.be/-5-SZttwaZY


Agree with @debbie.lenkowski… The PCH Route 1 is one of the most beautiful roadtrips on earth.
Read article on this roadtrip here > https://bit.ly/2E4Cjnn


Route 100 in Vermont is a treat. Though my old Catalina is up to the task, some of the windier portions are best on a motorcycle!


From Houston to West Texas and the Big Bend National Park in a 64 RR Silver Cloud III


Blue ridge parkway / skyline drive. Did it in a Honda Prelude 4WS with my dog as co-pilot. Just beautiful.

Also did the Pacific Coast Highway, the best drive I have ever experienced.

Riding a Kawasaki ZX-11 sport bike on I-10 across the continental divide, with sadistic shifting cross-winds, is my most terrifying road trip.


A Vintage car race ! What used to be known as the Monterey Historic Auto races is a great event, and gets me back to my old stomping grounds on the Monterey Peninsula. The Wine Country Classics at Sears Point ( Sonoma ) is many of the same cars & drivers, but with a smaller crowd. The Carousel has always been my favorite corner of all the tracks I’ve run on, and now it can bee seen from a number of locations since the tops were cut off the hills. One of the great things about the Vintage or Historic races is that your general admission is also a garage pass - you can check out the cars when they are off-track, and many have story boards showing the background of the car and drivers. Much better than most museums, because you are surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of race cars doing what they were born to do, rather than sitting all pretty with nowhere to go…


It used to be a nice ride from my home in Lowell Ma up to the coast of Maine in Cape Elizabeth outside of Portland with my 64 Lemans convertible. BUT, the last three years in a row the traffic to get into the Maine via the only bridge that goes into Maine has made me so mad that I turn around and go visit nicer coastal venues in coastal northern Mass! Spend my money where it is wanted!


Up to Palomar Mountain and Mother’s Kitchen in my 66 Vette coupe.


@dandsavo - Where is Palomar Mountain? I’m not familiar with what part of the world that might be. I enjoy a good drive with elevation change, especially this time of year.


Try Rte. 49 From Grass Valley to Placerville, Ca… It’s not a real long drive, but it’s scenic and full of turns, hills and valleys.


North San Diego county


A local club did a toy run to Barnacopia in Polo IL one year. It was only about 40mi but the destination was really cool! I drug the wife and 2 young boys with. I had plenty of complaints on the 40 mile run through the rolling country roads of northern Illinois, they all stopped at Barnacopia, there was something for everyone. It’s an 19th century barn restored housing a collection of cars and tractor with a malt shop, drive in theater and game loft. Such a cool retirement for the owner.


Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville to Natchez, Miss. or anywhere in between.


Picture above reminds me of Rt. 66. Just came back from a two day ride on THE MOTHER ROAD. What better place to enjoy an unhurried ride with little traffic in the early fall?


My first real far away trip with my 55 chevy Belair was to the tri 5 nationals in bowling green KY. what a blast that was. I got 20.3 mpg, With the a/c all the way down. The power plant that took me down there was a 400hp 350, with a 5- speed Tremec and a 411 posi. rear. God willing I’ll be headed back next August.


US 395 Carson City,NV to Lone Pine, CA.


Get lost in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin and SE Minnesota. If you tire of running up and down the gears thru the windies and twisties drop down to 35\aka Great River Road and just open up. Coast in to Nelson for fresh Wisc ice cream or hit J&J BBQ to overhear the local crop report w a side of mustard sauce. Oh, and do it topless, in an S2000.


US 395 from Carson City, NV to Lone Pine, CA