Question of the Week: What is your favorite road trip destination?


The High Sierra out of Bridgeport, CA is ALWAYS a good time!

But does this qualify as a “Road Trip”!!! (We DID have to drive on paved roads to get there…)


From Washington DC to Pittsburgh. The 1-70 route to Breezewood is one of the prettiest drives in the US, winding through the Maryland mountains. Stop at Frederick (great Main Street) or Hagerstown. Once you are on the PA Turnpike (another beautiful stretch through the mountains) stop at the Flight 93 memorial near Somerset PA. This is an emotional experience. Reminds us of how ordinary citizens can spontaneously give their lives for a vital cause. Instead of entering Pittsburgh from the east on the Parkway East, swing around and come in through the Fort Pitt Tunnel, to see what one architectural critic called the most impressive entrance into any downtown in the US.


PCH/US1 from San Diego to Seattle has been my most memorable. As I live in Ohio, my local favorites would be any state route east of Interstate 71, and south of Interstate 80. Great day trips and many, many small towns to explore. Just be on the lookout for farm vehicles and black buggy’s…


The Triple Nickel in Ohio, Rt 555 out of Zanesville


My wife and I travelled Route 66 Chicago to L.A. in our 64T-Bird in 2002 and would love to do it again in a heartbeat. 7000 miles round-trip back to the Toronto area and 4 weeks on the road. One thing on my bucket list was crossed off but I would love to do a again.


My wife and I did Route 66 all way from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2011. It was suppose to be a nice two week holiday with the top down. we finally made it home two months later but would do it all over again in a heart beat.


I take my 78 Oldsmobile Delta 88 from Fort Wayne to the Oldsmobile Homecoming in Lansing Michigan with my boys every year. I Also take other short trips to the Lake on the weekends.


Dirt roads are still roads so it counts!


My favorite is Hwy 108 east from Sonora, CA to US 395 south to Hwy 120 west through Yosemite National Park.