Question of the Week: What is your favorite tool?


Many owners choose to do the maintenance on their beloved car themselves, and that means gathering tools. Even a basic set of tools can go a long way in a capable set of hands, but specialized tools can make things that much easier for a talented.

Tools don’t have to be fancy to be a favorite. Items like a Snap-on 100 tooth ratchet might seem excessive, but when they appear on the scene of a repair they can make the tough jobs just that little bit easier. On the other hand, there are items such as a MIG welder that the common hobbyist might never need, but a DIYer that is comfortable taking on bigger projects it can be indispensable for tasks far beyond only fabrication work.

Two great tools to have in one photo- a beefy vice and an oxy-acetylene torch

Those are just a couple small examples based on our experience. We want to hear from you on what you keep near at hand when starting projects of your own. Leave us a comment below.


I have an old Snap On “red brick” scan tool and I love it. Bought it cheaply years ago before OBD scanners got cheaper for the everyday wrencher. I think everyone should have an OBD scan tool of some sort that does more than just reads codes. it pays for itself pretty quickly when you don’t have to take your more modern cars into the shop.


@Greg - A scanner is really handy in modern times. Matter of fact, I am borrowing one this week to diagnose my beater truck.

For me, a nice set of screwdrivers is just awesome to have around. Stripped fasteners are a thing of the past when high-quality screwdrivers are used correctly. Worth the investment for sure.


In 1977 I purchased a 1964 Volvo PV544. In the trunk I found a sturdy, no name, crescent (adjustable) wrench. Yes, I prefer sockets and boxed-end wrenches, but this thing is my first choice for simple wrenching tasks. Thanks


My favorite tool is an 8 pound hammer. It is amazing how often I get to use it.


I recently purchased a Milwaukee cordless 3/8 ratchet and I don’t know how I survived the last 40 years without it. It’s fantastic! Get one!


An infinitely adjustable strap wrench I have had for years that I use to loosen oil filters and other items.


I’m building a FF Cobra Coupe and I’m 76 years senior. My favorite tool that I bought at BJ in Scottsdale about 10 years ago is a 4 post lift, $2000. Worth way more than that for these bones. Drop a wrench? Just lift up the car to retrieve it.


By far the most useful tool, I believe, is my oxy-acetylene torch. Nothing is too rust or mangled that this cannot get apart! When restoring a 60 year classic, there’s a lot to be said for ease of disassembly.


My small (? 6") long nose Vise-grip locking pliers are a favorite tool, I wouldn’t want to do without.


Not a tool but a technology – www.youtube.com

There isn’t one thing you can’t find a fix or suggestion. Best advisor on call at any time


a 3 oz ball peen hammer. simple, effective, and like a buddy of mine says, “handier than pockets on a shirt”


Mine favorite is a 6” Diamalloy adjustable wrench. Dipped in Green and a constant staple in my Dads toolbox. It’s the one thing that always puts a smile on my face when I’m out in my shop.


My CP air impact that my wife bought for a birthday present for me over 30 years ago. Power, speed. Tim Taylor grunt.


My impact gun. I waited until my 50’s when I bought a compressor for sandblasting to buy one. It’s amazing how much energy and time it saves and makes things so much more easy.


I guess if you had to ask what “MY” my favorite tool is…I knew the moment I finished assembling it, that it is the best tool in my garage…My 4 wheeled creeper seat I use to cart myself around as I dry the lower half off after washing any of my cars… It a blessing… 6’4’ and most of the cars I have are very low to the ground. Our 89 Mustang GT and my 03 Grand Marquis (especially) reek havoc on my back… My wife’s SUV is a bit higher and covers less ground so it isn’t bad on my back to dry it off…Tools are there when you need them, do a certain task and get put away after the job is over…the 4 wheeled creeper chair is always out and always ready to work…comes in handy even if I’m not wrechen…LOL


A nylon headed “Dead Blow Hammer”. It takes little force to move things (including wrenches on stubborn fasteners) and the nylon head does not damage anything.


*My two-post lift. I’m old(er) and don’t dread some tasks and repairs like I used too.

*I think ratchet-wrenches are the best thing since sliced bread and peanut-butter.

*A big frig and a small humidor. Yeah I know they’re not tools, but having them in the shop sure seems to make my tools work better.


Have to go with wire twist pliers. Even if you only ever have to install one safety wire in your life, buy a pair, these are the coolest tool in existence. A guy at my office bought one even though he doesn’t work on his car, simply because they are so unique.

In a close second is my impact wrench coupled with a set of torque sticks. Besides the ease of use, there are certain things you just cannot do without them (like removing the pulley nut from an alternator - it comes off in a microsecond rather than swearing at it for hours). Gotta love the slide hammer set also…


@sswheels72 and @palsgroverd - I just got on the impact owners bandwagon and boy is it comfortable. You are right, they changed the way I work on things- for the better.