Question of the Week: What is your favorite tool?


Well asking what’s my favorite tool is like asking what is my favorite child. I kind of pride myself on having the right tool for every job. An obsession my wife doesn’t understand. I would say a small set of 3/8” S&K sockets and ratchet I have owned for over 55 years.


My Angle Grinder get lots of use…


@Kyle Awesome for disassembly. But be careful on using impacts for reassembly. Just sayin’.


@Jim-R - That’s a good point. I rarely use mine for assembling because even the moderate 450 ft/lbs it hits with has the potential to cause some major headaches if misplaced.


It would have to be my sissor lift from Harbor Freight. don’t like to be on a creeper - at 77 to old for that. It gets the car 5ft. Of the ground. The limit is the ceiling in the garage. Even had my F150 on it with no problems.


My shop vac. Don’t laugh. I have found MANY uses over the 40+ years. I own three: shop, home, beach house. Another is a torque wrench I inherited from my BFF, offered to me by his widow.


Without a doubt, my Mohawk A-7 asymmetric 2-post lift. I am too old to be crawling around on my back under a car on either pavement or dirt!


Along with my two post lift I think all my air tools would be next. They sure make life easy for an old guy that can’t turn tools like he used to, haha


The one that I need RIGHT NOW to get the job DONE and done RIGHT!


Quality Cobalt drill bits. I almost look forward to drilling 1/4 in steel plate just to watch how these great bits chew up the metal.


I agree with Michael on the angle grinder. My Makita cordless, brushless gets used almost every time I’m in the garage.


My brain - sooner or later, sometimes after a lot of trial and error, it helps me figure out how to get a job done with odd items when the proper tool is not available, or the manual doesn’t explain how to perform a task, and nobody has a YouTube video showing what to do.

My Dad taught me that with enough determination and perseverance one can accomplish a lot with just a little. He only had control of his thumb and the first two fingers on his right hand, but he never let that get in the way of doing a job, he just adapted and forged ahead.

Adversity is a great teacher.


Favorite tools! I mostly agree, plus these

  • 2000 SQUARE FOOT 5-car garage/shop with room to move around.
  • 4-POST LIFT, bought at age 73 when I finally had the room.
  • AIR IMPACT WRENCH for disassembly - does things nothing else can.
  • ELECTRIC IMPACT DRILL, little brother to the air version is fabulous.
  • SOCKETS, ratchets, cranks, etc. from Plumb Tool during WWII.
  • LAPTOP on work bench to look up info and youtube.
  • CELLPHONE CAMERA: for seeing behind and under stuff!
  • HEATED GARAGE FLOOR - frolic in the shop with snow on the ground.


When putting my Cobra together, I found my Makita 4" grinder was invaluable.


My first choice is my 10,000lb 2 post lift. At 67 now, I spent too many years going up and down on my knees and onto a creeper. I should have got one 20 yrs ago.
Second choice is my (US made) Ingersoll-Rand 5 HP compressor. From it I can do 1000 tasks with hundreds of tools. The US made quality was worth it, compared to off-shore crap.
Last is my old Miller 35S MIG Welder. It is taped in front for 6 heat ranges, a spot feature and no, repeat NO circuit boards/electronics to fail. At 44 yrs old now, it is plug and play and has never failed for thousands of hrs. welding work.
Rick Metcalfe -Woodstock Ontario Canada




My phone. I do a lot of disassembly, and on-the-spot photos are invaluable. I discovered recently that filming the disassembly with my Go-Pro is even better.


@cudamich I hear ya. Worked my way thru HS and College in a family owned Body Shop (now they call ‘em “collision centers”…and pretty attached to my old air tools. But honestly…I’m really starting to like the cordless stuff.


The 60:1 gear reduction I put on our engine standEngine%20stand%20helper%20(2)


Hard to pick and I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I have to with my Gearwrench set. There’s always some nut or bolt with barely any room to play and every time I think about how much time and trouble they save me.

Runner up is my cordless Sawzall, but I don’t use that on the cars.