Question of the Week: What is your favorite tool?


Automobile brand and model specific forums along with YouTube has helped me the most lately.


@hsherowski - I’ve been reluctant to jump on the cordless grinder bandwagon. Is it really worth it? Does it truly have comparable power to corded versions?


I agree. No compressor noise and easy on my arthritic hands. Disassembly only, though


@Kyle…not trying to plug a brand but my experience is with Milwaukee’s “Fuel” M18 and M12 stuff and YES, it has as much power. Among other tool, I got the smaller 1/2 “ drive Impact rated IIRC at ~450 ft/lbs. And get careless with the angle grinder and it will either wake you up or burn thru sheet metal so fast your vocabulary will expand . A friend has the Craftsman line and loves it too.


The tried and true spring claw or magnet to get those dropped screws, nuts, or bolts ! Save me many a times !


By far the best tool i have learned to use is the internet sure there is bad advice and incorrect info but sort thru forums and find the people with the knowledge and passion and the info is there in spades and has helped me tremendously.R


Believe it or not. I’m 72 years young but my fingers are terrible and I’m constantly dropping everything. With that said my favorite tool has become the expandable magnet that I bought free at Harbor Freight. Now all I need is for everything that I drop to be made of magnetic properties.


@Jim-R - Nothing wrong with plugging a brand, always good to share what works based on your experience.

I have fallen for the Rigid battery system (mainly due to their 1/4 and 1/2" impacts) and had been eying their cordless angle grinder. I don’t use an angle grinder terribly often, but I know once I have one I’ll find uses for it.


My Dad carried a 6’’ stainless ruler in his shirt pocket til the day he died (1996). I use this thing several times a week.


It has to be the Bendpak lift I got last January. I still have the floor jacks, bottle jacks, and jack stands for those long-term jobs. Ceiling height is my limitation, but I can get most of my classics up high enough to sit on a rolling seat to do the work under the car.


SAWZALL!!! Ain’t nothin’ that you can’t hit with a Sawzall and fix it ONCE and be DONE with it! :slight_smile:

Actually my "favorites are the Sawzall, and my cordless drill. When I worked for a specialty salvage yard back in the 90’s, we weren’t allowed to use a torch in the yard because of all of the dry grass, upholstery materials, fuel lines, etc. so we’d use a Sawzall to cut out frame rails, roof or cowl sections, floorpans (before repro’s were available). Some good quality blades in a Sawzall was amazingly quick and neat and it didn’t warp the panels at all.
I could also pull all of the interior panels and trim from a muscle car with a cordless drill and a screwdriver tip in 1/5th of the time that it’d take me with a hand held Phillips screwdriver!
I also made a mini-crowbar out of a cheap straight screwdriver that I had heated & bent the tip over at about 90* an inch or so from the end. That thing is great for gently prying off chrome trim (emphasis on GENTLY), pulling on brake springs, etc…


@johnvukovichjr - I like that bent screwdriver idea. I have a few select bent wrenches in the tool chest for odd specialty jobs, but never had the idea to modify screwdrivers. Seems really useful now that my eyes are opened.


1/4 drive Snapon spinner ratchet, its flat about the size of a 50 cent piece


Cordless screwdriver. How was I able to get all this stuff done before? It’s been so long I don’t remember not having one. I have three different for each application. Second is a metal cart I put lots of miles on.


My plasma cutter. Granted, I don’t use it that often, but when I do… Wow does it make the job easier!


Totally agree. I finally got a Harbor Freight wheeled seat and its perfect for many things that require my getting down low to do.


As much as I hate to mention this, after years of wrenching on my own cars and helping others with various race cars, my favorite tool is my checkbook as I no longer want to spend time fixing or mending but more time driving and enjoying my machine !


MY check book was well used too, for the first few years we had the car I was the 50 year old “LAWN BOY” of the neighborhood…I called the money I made doing that my Mustang Fund…Now I’m approaching 57 years old I retied from my lawn service duties…as for the wheeled chair, I was having a problem with it…as soon as I was out of it but still not done with it…my wife would get comfy in it asap…I asked her if she wanted one…Sears did offer a pink colored seat…That would usually get her out of the garage all together…LOL


@kwaller - I have a wheel seat that folds to a creeper. It’s only okay as a creeper and okay and a wheeled seat, but it’s nice not having two different things hanging around.


It’s only okay as a creeper and okay and a wheeled seat, but it’s nice not having two different things hanging around.

I totally agree and if at all possible, I try not to purchase single use tools. I already had a creeper and only recently came to need a wheel seat.

Kenneth Waller