Question of the Week: What is your favorite tool?


Lots of tools, but it always come back to a wrench…


U-joint/ball joint press. Should have bought one 28 years ago when i first started working on cars! Always just used a 3/8 socket extention and a hammer. OMC makes a great balljoint/U-joint press and its made in USA!


My small 8" metal lathe, handy for hundreds of jobs.


My favorite tool is a 7/16" open end that I scrounged from my Dad’s toolbox in 1957. There is nothing real special about it. It is 7/16 on both ends but one end has a 90 degree bend to it.
I have never found any advantage to the bend. It’s my only ‘Dad’ tool.


Too many to mention but it would have to be my Harbor Freight extending magnet. I’m constantly dropping everything!


Easy, it has to be the hammer.


biggest shop vac available


Millermatic 35 MIG welder. Bought it 42 years ago and never had a single problem. Can’t imagine being without it.