Question of the Week: What is your favorite TV hero car?


An action-packed TV chase scene requires the right car to draw the viewer in. Some TV shows really got it right in the four-wheeled casting department and we want to know what TV hero car you think is the best.

It wouldn’t be Magnum P.I. without the 308 GTS, and the star car is a highlight for many viewers of other shows as well. From the Dukes of Hazard and their 1969 Dodge Charger to K.I.T.T from Knight Rider, it just goes to show that the car can really make the show. These cars also seem to gain a following, with fans taking on the challenge of replicating them as accurately as possible.

Maybe it is a less action-packed show but the car is just right. That ‘70s Show’s Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser was often a staple in the background and many punchlines. It just goes to show that even a humble station wagon can still be a star car.

Some cars just don’t work for their respective series, but others are just perfect. We want to hear the ones you think got it right. Leave us a comment below with your favorite star car.


The smoky and the bandit Trans Am was my favorite. I own a 1976 black Trans Am that I bought in 1979. Has the 455 cu in. 4speed. Still on the road today.


Jim Rockford’s Firebirds in the show “The Rockford Files”. It prompted me to buy a new Firebird in 1975. Still love those cars.


It wasn’t a hero car, but the corvette on Route 66 fascinated me in my youth.


The Munster Coach. Barris was the King of Custom. There is no other like him or the car!


George Barris also customized the 1967 Olds Toronado driven by Private-Eye Joe Mannix. I always remembered what a head-turner that car was. But whenever he rented a car, he requested “…nothing flashy.”


Being a New Englander, it has to be Spenser for Hire’s emerald green 65/66 Mustang Fastback. Perhaps that show inspired my first Pony car purchase at 18-YO, a 66 Mustang 289 4spd… http://mustangimdb.com/mustang-in-the-movies/card/672-spenser-for-hire-tv-series


Again, like others, not a hero car but the piss yellow deuce coupe of John Milner, awesome. Still a favorite to watch monthly.

A close second, Dukes Charger.


Mine would also be from the show Mannix, but not the custom Toronado, but the 1968 GTS convertible. When I got my license, I was a few bucks shy of an R/T or GTX, so I ordered a Dart GTS.


My hands down all time favorite car from the movies is that T-model with a bucket for a radiator in 1941’s “Tobacco Road”.



Get Smart Sunbeam Tiger or the Saint’s Volvo P1800.


The Saint’s Volvo P1800. I used to own one, loved the car, and am in the market for another one.


Hands down it’s the George Barris Batmobile! No contest!


All hero cars line up behind the Bullitt Mustang, but that was a movie, as are some of the other suggestions. I like the Route 66 Vette nomination, Rockford’s Firebird, and although the endless butchery that’s resulted to 2nd-gen Chargers since Dukes of Hazzard makes me ill, that car is probably the #1.


The 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet was perfectly matched for “Columbo”. I don’t think it ever was in a high speed chase, but whenever you saw it, you couldn’t help but smile and think of Peter Falk’s detective character.


Any one of the cars mentioned so far could qualify for me, however I would have to pick the 1981 K2500 wide body that Lee Majors drove in the Fall Guy.


Man this is a no brainer its got to be the ORIGINAL Batmobile!


that is my 2nd choice.


Bill Bixby as The Magician drove a 1973 white Corvette named Spirit.We got ours in '75 and w’ere currently finishing up the resto on our second one after our first one was stolen. The C3 chrome bumper back end is still our favorite.


The series stingrays 67 vette