Question of the Week: What is your favorite TV hero car?


these are all great, but … Rockford


How about “The Prisoner” Lotus 7 S2?


For me it has to be Ecto-1 from the 1984 movie ghostbusters , Ive spent almost 2 years now doing my conversion . Between the ECTO-1 , 1966 batmobile and the back to the future DeLorean it a hard choice to pick the ultimate movie car


I totally agree with your comment. Wanted on so much when series was alive. In 1968 I bought a 1961 Fawn Beige Corvette. Check with history, fawn beige was the color used on film because it showed up better. I still have that Corvette and it was fully restored in 2010. My son and I drive it on breakfast runs and still a very proud owner. Only one that gets MY CAR is my son.


1928 Porter from “My Mother the Car”, 1960’s sitcom starring Jerry Vandyke (I think).
That, or the Monkey Mobile.


Supernatural’s impala


John Steed’s Jaguar XJ 12 Coupe in The New Avengers episodes


The Monkees Monkeemobile!


Great Scott! What else could it be?


close second…


For Movies- Back to the future car.
For TV- the Batmobile

Both are instantly recognizable by most of the world.


Oh it’s got to be the “Wagon Queen Family Truckster” without a doubt! LOL!


How about a little known 55 Chevy 150 from Two-Land Blacktop that was not very pretty, but fast as stink!!


Another vote for the Saint’s (Roger Moore) Volvo P-1800. Many of a future female superstar started by riding in his white 1800.


The California Kid 34 coupecal%20kid


Actually it was a '65 Stingray


The original Batmobile - I was 2 years old when the show aired, and have been fascinated by the car ever since. ( George Barris is credited with ‘building’ the car, but it was actually a factory built Ford Futura concept car he obtained from Ford and kinda pimped out when hired to create a car for the BatMan TV Series ) The car was built in 1955 and was also in the movie “It started with a kiss” with Glenn Ford & Debbie Reynolds.


Well what ya expect from a ford guy I always thought it was portrayed as a 67 but what a beautiful car and I enjoyed the series


Can’t beat the bullet chase-- Steve Mc Queen. Close second Tom Cruse MI


Beverly Hillbillies truck comes to mind. Oh how I always wanted one. Believe it or not one is for sale now on the internet! Here I go again. Is it faster than my Demon?