Question of the Week: What is your favorite TV hero car?


Kitt the night rider Trans Am. The car made the show not David Hasselhoff that’s for sure.


@hisbest4me - That is certainly one of my favorites! The black and gold never looked so good as on the hood of that T/A.


Hands Down - The General Lee!!! In all it’s Confederate Glory!!


I will always love the dark green '68 Dart GTS convertible that Joe Mannix (actor Mike Connors) drove in the 1968 and 1969 seasons of “Mannix.” Tastefully (!) Kustomized by George Barris.

But I’m biased…I own it. And it’s insured through Hagerty.



@c.vantune - That is really a good looking car. You are right, Barris could have gone crazy, but it’s pretty restrained!



I loved reading everyone’s comments… How do you choose just one? Mad Max, Christine, The General Lee, Manta, Maximum truck Overdrive Clown truck, and don’t forget BJ and the bear? The list is too long.
I’m a child of the 80’s and I’m one of the guys who watched the Shows and Movies for the Cars, and Trucks, Why?
Because I wanted to be that unknown stunt man that made a lover out of Burt.


Robin Master’s red Ferrari 308. Magnum P.I.


KARR from Knight Rider. It was the evil car


Must be an age group thing. One of my all time favorite shows growing up was Hardcastle and Mccormick. Loved the sound they used for Mccormick’s car! Now that I’m older and realize the car was a complete poser doesn’t change the fact I loved it as a kid. The Coyote was a great TV show car!


My Mannix Roadster


TV Shows ! The Black Beauty / Green Hornet ; The Batmobile / Batman ; The Munster Coach / Munster’s ; The Monkee’s Mobile ; The Man From UNCLE had a cool car, But I didn’t know what it was .


OK, Van, you win!
So jealous! :slight_smile:


In 1978, at the tender age of nine, I saw the TV mini-series “Wheels” with Rock Hudson as a sort of John DeLorean-type car executive. I thought his gull-wing Hawk XE-1(a modified 1968 Javelin) was the coolest car ever. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I just looked it up online only to discover a few low res photos, the quality of which do nothing to disguise how truly ugly the car is. Franco Sbarro cars look elegant in comparison.


True hero car: The Mach 5 driven by Speed Racer. Everything the batmobile had and more!

That hooked me on cars at the tender age of 4.


There is a lot of great choices here that I agree with but I was surprised that Herbie the love bug was not mentioned. My first car was a 1973 Super Beetle


The A-Team Van has gotta be on this list somewhere ! -


@s.schwitters - I always for get about that van! It’s by far my favorite TV car to see replicated, always seems to be done slightly tongue-in-cheek by the owners.


I pity the fool who doesn’t like The A Team van!