Question of the Week: What is your favorite TV hero car?


Broderick Crawford Tales of the Highway Patrol 55 Buick


Too many to choose from!

As far as “TV” cars, and also owing to the fact that I was raised a Mopar guy - - - The Green Hornet’s Chrysler Imperial, The General Lee Charger, Mannix’s 68 Dart (but didn’t he also get a black 70-71(?) 'Cuda convertible for a season or two?)…

My love for Pontiacs forces me to also include the Monkeemobile…

As far as “movie” hero cars - The “Bullitt” mustang and of course “The Bluesmobile” were perpetual favorites. Can’t forget the Mad Max “Interceptor” from the first movie either.


Forgot about Don Johnson in Miami Vice and Nash Bridges


Oh my god! I am so excited for this movie. I am about to finish watching all the series by Andy Yeatman and I would love to add movies like this to my list. Also, my cousins are coming over for the vacation. We might go on a trip as well.


Mine is only Jim Rockford’s Firebird