Question of the Week: What is your favorite TV hero car?

Broderick Crawford Tales of the Highway Patrol 55 Buick

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Too many to choose from!

As far as “TV” cars, and also owing to the fact that I was raised a Mopar guy - - - The Green Hornet’s Chrysler Imperial, The General Lee Charger, Mannix’s 68 Dart (but didn’t he also get a black 70-71(?) 'Cuda convertible for a season or two?)…

My love for Pontiacs forces me to also include the Monkeemobile…

As far as “movie” hero cars - The “Bullitt” mustang and of course “The Bluesmobile” were perpetual favorites. Can’t forget the Mad Max “Interceptor” from the first movie either.

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Forgot about Don Johnson in Miami Vice and Nash Bridges

Oh my god! I am so excited for this movie. I am about to finish watching all the series by Andy Yeatman and I would love to add movies like this to my list. Also, my cousins are coming over for the vacation. We might go on a trip as well.

Mine is only Jim Rockford’s Firebird

Maxwell Smarts Sunbeamimage

Cheech Marins 64 Impala The Love Machine LOL

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@rob.rogers - Say it correctly - Da Looove Macheen!