Question of the Week: What is your Mega Millions Car?


The lottery is a ticket to dream rather than a sound financial plan—you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than picking winning numbers. But with the latest Mega Millions jackpot touching $1.6 billion, (that’s with a B) a lot of people are getting busy dreaming big.

Even if you desire the pinnacle of motorsport and collectability, the most expensive car to sell at auction realized $48.4 million. That’s just five percent of the lump sum haul of $905 million. That leaves a lot of money for fuel, tires, and event entry fees.

This could be you. Photo- Hagerty/Andrew Holliday

So you like cars and are now flush with cash. What do you do? Do you want to own the best example of a Ford Pinto? Finally finish that LS swap? Go to cars and coffee with a numbers-matching LS6 Chevelle? McLaren? Ultimate air-cooled Porsche 911?

Let us know below. And keep in mind that if you hit the Powerball and the Mega Millions, that ups the total to north of $2.2 billion. Gulp.


For sure I’d buy a Ford GT40. That is my favorite car of all time. I’d use the left over money for maintenance and race entry.


@Greg_I - No offense, but have you tried a GT40 on for size? You’re pretty tall, guess you would require the Gurney Bubble?


Oh, I know I’m a bit tall for one at 6’5". At that money level, I’m sure I could afford to make subtle alterations for fit. As long as the one I’d buy isn’t one with exceptional race or ownership provenance, I don’t think I’d be lynched by the GT40 community.


I think I would have a hard time staying away from the 90’s/early2000’s GT1 homologation specials. 911 GT1, CLK-GTR, Elise GT1, R390, the list goes on…


Easy solution. Buy the roadster.


I’d been pondering this question nearly all summer and think I finally have an answer: The Jaguar XJ-13. It’s rare, exotic, hard to replicate and drop-dead gorgeous. Plus, that V12 engine note is something to behold.


Wow, I could really get myself in a lot of trouble, soooo many choices. I love 50’s-60’s cars that competed in the World Sportscar Championship, such beautiful (and now outrageously priced) cars, but as long as we’re dreaming:

Ferrari 250 GTO
Jaguar D-Type
Aston-Martin DBR1
Maserati 450S
Mercedes 300SLR


My first choice would be a '67 Corvette roadster with the L88. Second option would be a Ferrari 288 GTO.


I guess I cant dream that huge i would be extremely happy and life fulfilled with a Boss 429 Pony in my garage something about the early Mustangs still grabs me.R


@rob.rogers - Nothing wrong with that choice!


Anyone on here win last night? I can say with 100% certainty that I’m not buying a GT40 in the immediate future if that’s any indication of how I did.


McLaren F1 would be the only answer for me.


@sjbaehr50 - You can get more specific while we are dreaming… Longtail? LM spec? Having had the chance to get close to an LM I would be hard pressed to not choose that.


Mercedes 300 Gullwing coupe and I would drive it drive it & drive it


The one my Dad picks out, which I would then hand the keys over for. Since it’s 1.6 billion I think I can afford two mega millions cars and my second would be Ferrari Italia 458. I had the opportunity to drive one and it fit like a glove and could read my mind.


I would start off with purchasing a 58 Impala with the 348 and then a 59, already have a 60, then 61 through 69. All with the big block of course.


Humm…… 1936 Auburn Boatail speedster
Porsche GT
1967 Vette 427/ 435 hp
1962 Vette Black/saddle interior
1932 Ford 3 window blown 427 / Jag rearend ( yellow of course )
1966 Jaguar E type triple black roadster
1937 Packard 120c cabriolet
2019 Tacoma loaded 2 of them , one for my son
that’s a start


These threads are masturbatory but fun nonetheless. I didn’t hit the Mega but Poerball is tonight.

1.Duesenberg J or SJ roadster
2. F40
3. 288 GTO
4. 1975 930 Ice Green
5. 1969 Boss 302


I have it how i just need the $$$ to restore it…
1970 Cuda
brought in 82…
go fund me