Question of the Week: What is your Mega Millions Car?


Well, since we are just dreaming I would buy a
70 Chevelle SS 454 convertible
Ferrari 308 GTB
2019 GMC Sierra Denali crew cab
2019 Acura RDX (for my wife)


First things first…I would build a VERY LARGE garage!

After that:
1991 Nissan Figaro
2006 Smart Roadster
1951 Crossley truck
1994 Jaguar 220


I would immediately get the following without hesitation:

McLaren P1 (blk on blk like the one I keep seeing on YouTube)
Ferrari F40 (red w/blk interior, all stock)
Porsche GT2RS (lime green w/blk interior, blk wheels)
Ferrari 512TR (red w/blk interior, all stock)
2018 Ford GT (wht w/blk interior, flat black wheels)

Come on lotto…


With $1.6B, I’ll take one of everything, please!


My wife often ask me, would you replace the 57 (Bel Air) with that one?
My standard response…that is in my top 10 or top 20.
No way one car could suffice…Top 10.

  1. My 57 finished
  2. Find my first car- not another one- mine. Have a professional finish it the way I wanted when I was 16.- 65 Chevy II (relive youth)
  3. Dodge Demon (need a modern supercar)
  4. Blown 32 coupe - Milner Style with modern touches (old school)
  5. Late 60’s early 70’s Hemi in B5 blue - classic cruise night (Honor Petty)
  6. Cobra replica - bbf with procharger or turbo - (parking lot/stop light wars)
  7. 63 split window restomod with all the modern touches, (country club).
    8,9,10) Rotate the next 3 from Mecum to Barrett Jackson- keep it fresh.


@gale363 - Now that is an interesting group of selections. Have a flair for small cars?


Since we are talking Billions, one of those 2000+ Bugattis I have seen on the Mecum Auction would be nice. However, I have had my eye on a mid-50’s Caddy convertible for quite awhile now!


Here is my list…I’ve owned or presently own the first 3
63 Studebaker Avanti
73 McBurnie California Daytona Spyder
38 Ford Club Coupe Convertible
68 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback, bucket seats, console
71 Plymouth Cuda, bucket seats, floor console
72-73 Triumph GT6
59 Cadillac Convertible
62 Ferrari 250 GTO
Xx Mini w/Honda motor
67 Ford Fairlane GTA

and of course a very large environmentally control garage.


I’d have to start with hiring a really good mechanic, and getting a MUCH BIGGER garage. I’m old school and not really practical about this, but my “want” list might include:

1929 Bentley 4 1/2 litre Vanden Plas LeMans
1932 ERA
1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic
1953 Jaguar C-type (aluminum replica) - as a Daily Driver
1955 Austin Healey 100S (replica OK)
1959-1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB
1968 Porsche 908


I would get my '68 Camaro completely restored to original street legal condition! Then I would do the same to my '91 Dodge D150LE 2wd pickup. Next would be chrome siding on my house!


'58 Facel-Vega Typhoon. The one with the 392. Then I’d just shove a few grand at it, to get the handling sorted. The nostalgia super stock '69 Road Runner, I already have!.


Rosso Dino 365 GTB-4 DAYTONA Coupe, restored to Cavillino concourse.


Wow is that your white 60 ? I really like that ! I always wanted one like that white with the black hounds tooth interior. That’s a nice combination .


I think the Iso Grifo is kinda cool

also a Ferrari F40, dodge Daytona Charger, and Chevelle LS6 454, '67 GTO



1970 hemi Superbird, the most outrageous street car ever!


Numbers matching 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE Coupe (no CA smog) with a 455, 4bbl, 4 speed, and racing clutch. Throw in a Indianapolis Pace Car Interior (red with black, and Recaro seats), and a NOS Trans AM CB unit.

I have a numbers matching 1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE Coupe (survivor) 4.9L N/A, auto, and camel interior. I’d have the whole thing gone through, and have the paint and decals redone, add cruise control, replace the A/C with Vintage Air, replace the 3 speed locking torque converter auto tranny with a 4 speed OD locking torque converter tranny. I’d put a working stereo in it, fix the electric antenna and the windshield washers.


I do like cars you can drive flat out without getting a speeding ticket. Try that in a McClaren!

PS. - Forgot to include the Austin A30 in the list.

What’s in your list?


1968 z/28 convertible. They did build 1 for Bill Mitchell for those who doubt existence of a gen 1 convertible.
Second choice is if I could find the ‘67 z/28 I owned in high school.
Crude cars by today’s standards, but an experience to drive.


A 1970 Hemi Cuda. Then 67 and 68 Hemi GTX’s. And if it’s the Megamillions, throw in a 69 roadrunner, too.


I would start a collection of all original unrestored survivor cars that have been taken care of from day one and still wearing their original paint they left the factory with. I would shop for the best of the best of the following unrestored cars out there.

  1. Which I already have is my original unrestored survivor 1962 corvette 4spd. I’m third owner. I purchased it in 2004 from Second owner that had it since 1964 !
  2. Look for two either 65 66 67 big block corvettes one roadster one coupe.4 spds.
  3. 1966 Impala SS 396 4spd . My dads first new car he ever bought it was red with red interior it was our family car until he traded it in on new 69 SS 396 Chevelle !
    4.1966 Chevelle Malibu with factory 327 4spd. I had one in high school back in 1978.
    5.1968 Chevelle SS 396 4 spd. My uncle Dave bought one new, red black interior.
    6.1969 Chevelle SS 396 4 spd. My Dad bought one new Lemans blue white interior . It was our daily family car back then ! I was eight years old. I remember it well !
  4. 1969 Camaro SS 396 4spd the one that was recently featured in Hot Rod magazine its gold black interior 4spd. The guy has owned it since he was in high school I think they said 73 or 74. Its in bad ass day two condition with original paint ! The only thing he needs to do is take the radials off and put back on the bias ply tires that’s all that I would change ! With 1.6 billion I’m sure I could come up with a figure to talk him out of it !
    8.1969 or 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 4spd dana track pack car.
    9 1970 or 71 Dodge Challenger R/T 4spd dana track pack car.
    10.1970 or 71 Cuda 4spd dana track pack car.
  5. 1969 Plymouth GTX 4spd dana track pack car.
  6. 1965 or 1966 mustang GT fast back 4spd car. Hertz rent a racer would be nice.
  7. 1969 Mach one fast back 4spd car. or a Boss 429 or a Shelby .
  8. 1960 Impala 348 4spd.
  9. 1972 4x4 chevy CST blazer auto factory air.
  10. 1955 Chevy 2dr hardtop.
    17.1956 Chevy 2dr hardtop
    18 1957 Chevy 2dr hardtop
    19 1956 ford Victoria 2dr hardtop.
    20 1932 ford roadster .
  11. My 1964 GMC pickup that I still have . My grandfather bought it brand new. I have been riding in it since I was 2 years old !
    I would build a nice shop that resembled and old vintage filling station to keep them in. I would actually put in fuel tanks with working vintage 50s style pumps. I would keep leaded 110 fuel on site that could be pumped right into the cars from the vintage pumps ! I would hire a guy that would keep all the cars in top running condition and clean and ready to roll as well as the shop and grounds. I would call down to the garage every day and tell him to top off the fuel and bring me up one of the cars I would drive for the day . I would rotate them every 21 days and use one for my driver that day weather permitting. My dream wouldn’t even put a dent in the 1.6 billion. I think I could easily pull this off with plenty of change to spare lol !