Question of the Week: What is your Mega Millions Car?


Ferrari Nembo Spyder…


Steam is king!..



WoW! You have evidently put a lot more thought into your list than I did into mine. If I had thought longer and harder, many of the cars on your list would appear on mine too. Love the '62 Vette, the '71 Challenger, and the Mach 1 Mustang. Thanks for sharing.

PS - I, also, am passionate about “original, unrestored” cars.


I would take the 1973 Datsun 240Z I purchased NEW in flight school to a Datsun / Nissan specialty restoration shop in Atlanta, GA for the full treatment! Why? It is “my baby”, here is the history:

The US Air Force shipped to Germany and back when I was assigned to an F-4 squadron at Bitburg Air Base; 1974 - 1977. While In Europe, it was properly broken in at Autobahn speeds. It traveled new and old roads in 6 countries (Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Spain), and I drove it across a bridge over the Aragon River in Zaragoza, Spain that was built by the Romans.

It was my “Daily Driver” from the time I purchase it until the spring of 2001, taking me to Air Force TDY assignments on occasion, and monthly and summer active duty when I transitioned to the Air Force Reserves. It has traveled the roads in 33 US States. I try to drive it at least monthly and attend local and regional events having passed 352,000 miles recently.

As things “broke” or showed wear, replacements with “improved” hardware were incorporated as well as making intentional modifications so it now has an extra 25 HP and, as suggested in the picture, attention has been given to the wheels and tires; brakes, struts, sway bars and other suspension improvements were incorporated over the years as well. I do m y own maintenance and the last time it saw the inside of a Datsun (Nissan) shop was in 1974 at the 9,000 mile (last “free”) maintenance. The were sold with a 12,000 mile factory warranty.

My Driver Education instructor (who races in a modified 240Z) at Road Atlanta (see picture) last week was very complimentary about the power and track-ability of my “Old Blue Datsun”!

After that, I would pick up a 64 Ferrari 330 GTC to park next to the Z and let people consider what Matsuosan (who has signed my 240Z) was looking at when he designed it …

Then, I need to finish building my 2 seat, 250 MPH cruise airplane (I live at a private airpark and the hangar has plenty of room for the toys … ).


Real simple - an exact reproduction of my first car…a 1971 Chevy Impala Custom…only one ever built with a manual transmission - 3 on the tree converted to a Hurst floor shift - silver with a blue interior…biggest mistake of my life trading that car in…


Dad just sold his 1959 Impala convertible he’s owned since 1960 - white with red interior and the 348 with tri power and under 70,000 original miles- went to a collector in California…I thought I was supposed to get it!


DONAHE’S 1969 # 6 CAMARO the cheater car


Not, car, but cars. I’m not a young stud like most of your responders (bless their hearts), but I thought you’d like to hear what an old car nut (I’m 78) would buy.

1947 Cadillac Series 75 limo
1964 Ford convertible
1968 Ford Galaxie fast back
1958 Chevy convertible
1949-51 Ford Crestliner
1965 Chrysler 300 L convertible
1989 Dodge Dakota Sport convertible truck
1947 Ford Sportsman (woodie convertible) and matching station wagon
As well as a stable of modern retro vehicles e.g., Camaro, Challenger (take the top off, though) Mustang
That’s my short (?) eclectic mix.
All right, boys and girls, have at me for being a crazy old man!


I guess I’m strange for a woman. I’d love to replace my Austin Healy. I miss her very much. My ex husband sold her. That’s why he’s my ex. I want 2nd owner only. I loved that car. She could move. Taking a curve at 50 mph nothing like that feeling for me. Other than divorcing the idiot who sold her!


I would have one built. I grew up with 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 convertible that my parents bought new and still have and show. I can remember as a 6 yr. old sketching a drawing of an El Camino version with Olds body panels that I also still have. I have seen Buick and Pontiac versions but never an Olds.


I’d have to go Old School. White 1957 Chevy convertible, red and silver interior, 283 auto with dual exhausts… Ahhh… maybe add vintage air.


I would like my Pontiac Banshee back from Joe Bortz.!!!
Bill Collins


My choice would be one or up to all 4 of the following:

  1. 1963 Jaguar Le Mans D-Type Coupé Special Michelotti
  2. 1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
  3. 1962 Mercedes 300SL Roadster with hardtop
  4. 1962 Triumph Italia

I am not asking for much, am I?


Easy conservative (in terms of MegaMillions)
Ferrari 330GTC


What a story! That is awesome!


This one looks very interesting, I agree.


Everyone missed the obvious choice-**a YUGO!!! How could that happen? Everyone wants a Yogu (many won’t admit it, but WE know.


@gfkjhk - I’ll admit I always thought the Yugo looked fun. Since I would have time and funds, it would be a fun project to work on one for awhile.


If I had the money, I would try to buy one of the nine 1960 Chrysler 300F cars that came with the 4-speed transmission. Last time I saw one sell at an auction it went for over $250,000! Nope, can’t afford that! I do love those cars! (Picture is of a 300F, but with the common automatic.)


@aldersgaterev - Those are such cool cars. I would settle for an automatic just to cruise in personally.