Question of the Week: What is your Mega Millions Car?


I saw this particular car in 2006 at a Mopar Show in Van Nuys. It was quite sweet!


@aldersgaterev - I am not a fan of those long ram intake manifolds, but those interiors and the body lines are spot on. Nice find!


The best of both worlds, the Hellcat Superbird from SEMA last year.


…i think i’d take the bus…




A car like one I read about years ago in an AutoTrader type newspaper. Someone (in Texas I think) had basically taken a ‘38 Cadillac Sixty Special sedan (one of my all-time favorites), sidemounts and all, and finessed it onto a nearly new Caddy chassis and drivetrain. Probably one of my earliest encounters with the “Resto-mod” genre. Never forgot it, never heard of it again.


Lotus Elite Series 2, for starters. Might even spend a lot extra adapting a SOHC Lampredi from a Fiat 128, just because it’s a nicer engine than that Climax, and I would love to p.o. all the folks that would consider it blasphemy.

After that, well, I have 70+ years of favorites, so who knows? Another Mini, a Fiat 500, a '62 Plymouth Fury convertible and a Graber-bodied Alvis … I am over hot rods and macho-mobiles, and it’d be nice to get a stable to please only myself. Like now, only bigger!


My view is this needs to be a car you can drive rather than just artwork you put in a glass box like Cameron’s family Ferrari (well, fake Ferrari, but you get the point). My sister kindly sold me her '67 Camaro recently, Marina Blue, at the moment can’t see much past that. Music, audio equipment, cars…hard to beat the late 60’s / early 70’s for these.


I just posted a proposal of marriage to the lady in Missouri who won $588M in the lottery. I figure my chances are better than buying a ticket and I don’t have to spend a buck. I hope she sends me the money for air fair…


No hesitatiion here my choice would be a YUGO!! Anyone who owned one will absolutely agree. Yougo all the way!!


Just one car? Really?

Ok, ok, ok, I’m a VW guy at heart, but for me…

1937 Cord convertible.

Outside of that, if not limited to 1 car, then, here we go:

37 Cord convertible
42 VW Schwimmwagen
67 VW Camperbus
63 VW Beetle with ragtop
74 VW Beetle with semiauto transmission
74 VW Thing
63 Corvair Rampside
66 Corvair convertible.

wow, guess I’d need to buy a dealers license, that’s 8 cars…



Would have to be an Alfa Romeo 8C-2900, any one of them. I would also have an Alfa 33 stradale, Ferrari 250 TR, Maserati 300S and Zagato coupe. If I could find one, an OSCA MT-4. Thats probably too many cars to keep and drive, but I would manage.


I REALLY like the way you think. My Dad & I have had over 40 Corvettes over the years and currently have 6 of them, and 3 of those are 67’s. I think owning a 67 L88 would CERTAINLY be at the top of my list. Then may a 69 L88, 70-72 LT1, & 71 LS6, then a 70 LS6 Chevelle convertible, Superbird or Daytona Charger, and HEMI Cuda or Challenger Conv that’s Plum Crazy with white interior. I think that would be a GREAT START.


After the 67 L88 and Ferrari I would go for one the 69 Camaro ZL1s with the RS option of which there were only two and then one of the 69 ZL1 Corvettes of which there were also two.