Question of the Week: What is your winter project this year?

There are only a few parts of the United States where drivers get to enjoy their classics all the months of the year without shame or threat of accelerated corrosion from the weather and road treatment. Everyone else gets a mandatory timeout from driving, which can be a good thing if there is a project that you have been putting off because it would take your car off the road for an extended period of time.

Even if you don’t have a space like this, the cold months can still be productive. (photo Kyle Smith)

For DIY folks and those who take their car to the shop alike, this is the time of year to dig in on those projects. Suspension rebuilds, finally finding that oil leak that has been staining your driveway for months, or a bit of upholstery work are all perfect projects for the colder season.

Tell us below what is on your to-do list this winter. You never know, there just might be another commenter doing something similar and you can compare notes as you move forward.

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Cleaning and polishing excess parts to sell online for some extra holiday cash…

If only I had a facility as nice as the one in Hagerty Kyle’s photo for winter storage…

While I agree, that a gorgeous garage to work in. I also have a quite nice one. Although retired it all too many projects, too little time. I just sent along a couple CAD files this morning from software that I’m trying to teach myself. I’ve more designs to do.

Ingrid does indeed need a new Fuel Injection wiring harness and that will be a bit of careful work after all resurrecting the patient after the surgery is the most important part!
Finally the “project” car needs rebuilt brake calipers. And now why is it, that I have two right front calipers and the same bleed screw is rusted in place on both of them:unamused::unamused::unamused:!

I would like to buy an old heavy sewing machine and figure out how to install some cool cloth inserts in my not-so-cool-in-summer vinyl seats.

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Number 1 winter project, is to drive it…living in the South, it’s so hot and humid in the summer…that winter is the better time to enjoy it. Number 2 is to maybe finally replace the A/C compressor…so I can use it more in the summer.

Installing fuel injection to Cobra.
Holley Terminator Stealth.
Hiding the wiring is proving to be a challenge.


1972 Norton Commando Interstate.
Rebuilding the gearbox and under the wishful thinking category, eliminating oil leaks.

In the course of this Spring, Summer and Fall, I got most of my interior work done on my C4 Corvette “Red Devil”. Just before the cold rolled in, I installed new window regulators in the doors. I need to work on my interior door panels, to reattach some vinyl that pulled loose over the years, and attach the new carpet and window weatherstrips to them. Then, I need to reorganize my remaining parts stockpile so I can find what I need when warm weather returns. I was working at such a frenzy all year that parts got moved and disorganized pretty badly. I am chomping at the bit to get back to work in the Spring! But, I did make a LOT of progress this year, so I cannot complain. I also have some valuable spare parts I need to clean up and sell.

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I hope to be able to fix the small “Toll Gate” power window on my driver side door of my DeLorean. It doesn’t go up or down now (it is stuck in the closed and up position). It takes time to tear apart the inner door covering and get at the motor mechanism, so this down time means I can start the project and won’t have to worry if I need to order parts and leave thing torn apart. Never enough time when the weather is nice to do it, so this would allow me to take my time and get it done right.

The current project, repairing the front suspension on my 1974 AMC Hornet with a 360 4 spd. Also involves rapping the headers with insulation to stop the new bushings from over heating due to how close they are to the headers.
After this is done it will be time to continue the reconstruction of my 1969 AMC SC/Rambler. This is one of only 1512 built and is in the “A” paint scheme.

I have decided to finally attempt to get at my 1958 Buick Limited two door hardtop this winter.
I brought it home many years ago with the help of my dad.

Decided to take front clip off and rebuild the motor and the project stalled for many years.
First step is to get decent rolling tires on to move it around to get at the frame an paint it.

This is going to take time but with only 1,026 of these produced, going to be worth the effort!

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A rear main seal for the 1994 R Edition Miata, I’m getting quarter-sized love puddles on the garage floor.
The 1983 Saab 900S, (which I affectionately refer to by the name 83 Saab 900S) will be mechanically complete save for rebuilding the steering rack this week and front shocks, then it gets inspected and driven while refreshing the interior and waiting for paint.
Once the Saab is road-worthy, the 1991 Special Edition Miata gets prepped for paint and the new top and recovered seats installed.
I’m also building another garage, other than that…

Finish the little bit of remaining metal work on my MGB-GT restoration and paint it.
Work some dents out of the rear fenders (inflicted by a previous owner) of my MGA. Paint and install un-molested dash in same, as well as the dent repairs on rear fenders.
Minor sorting of dash installation on wife’s MGB, which will involve dropping dash down for better access.
In a perfect world, I’d also get started on the metal work on my '66 MGB race car (converting back to original, “street” specs…I’m getting too old for racing), which I’ve owned since '67.

Adding a 10 x 20 work shop to my garage to make next years automotive project easier.

Very simple: acquire ($3,000) the 1981 El Camino dressed in Harley-Davidson livery stashed on a lot near my mom’s house and put it back in dependable mechanical driving condition. Body and paint work to put it back to stock to be done this coming Spring, Summer, and early Fall.

Since living in So Cal, I get to drive my 67 Chevelle convertible all winter long. So, I will be working on my golf game. My goal is to get my swing as reliable and powerful as my car. At least I look great coming and going to the course.

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To Hagerty. HELP. Can you clean out my carburetor?? Seriously, “something” is restricting the carb to reach its’ full potential this past year. Holley 4 BBl Model 4160 600 cfm, street warrior with electric choke.
I live in Traverse City, not far from your facility on Aero Park Drive.
My car is a 1964 Chevelle SS, CV with a 327, about 18,000 miles on the rebuilt engine
I’m a long time member of The Drivers Club (McKeel, GREAT pre-showing of Ford v Ferrari!!)
Look forward to your reply,
Jim Hoffman jimhsmartenergy@gmail.com

This winter I will be doing the timing chain mod on my 70 Porsche 911T, finishing the rebuild of the V12 in my 95 Jaguar XJ12, and finishing the door skinning plus new quarter panel installation on my 64 Jaguar E-Type roadster. That should probably get me to spring. Being a retired/disabled senior citizen I no longer can work at the pace I used to, but I will get it done

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This winter’s project will be to get this 1951 Hudson Commodore 8 road ready for the springtime. One owner, 40K 100% survivor. Last driven in 1973.