Question of the Week: What project did you finish over the winter?


With cold-weather states beginning to show signs of spring (finally), it’s time to wrap up those winter projects and get those cars back on the road.

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I did get my project at least 95% complete over winter. Double checked all the suspension assembly that went together last fall, pulled the engine and transaxle to replace the flywheel/pressure plate/clutch and some other miscellaneous bits and pieces, and last but not least new exhaust. This Corvair is going to rack up a lot of miles this season and it is almost ready!


After almost 3 years, I finally completed the restoration on our 1961 BMW 700. I say “Our” because the car was a wedding gift between my lovely wife and I when we got married in 1996. We drove away from the church in the vehicle to the surprise of everyone there - we hadn’t told anyone that we had bought it.

And while I wanted to have the restoration done for our 20th anniversary in Nov 2016 - I came close - just missed it by 1.5 years!

It’s a fun car and my wife gets all the credit for picking the paint and interior materials.


Last year, I finally got my dream car. Well, OK, one of them. A 2002 Aston-Martin DB7. Over the winter, I replaced the coolant tank with a custom tig-welded one because the original was molded grp and would always (as mine did) fail at the molding seams. Ding me for that concourse scoring, not that I care. I’ve replace the 2 air filters with K&N’s, and more ambitiously replaced the rear radius arm, front anti-roll-bar link, upper and lower wishbone, and steering rack bushings with Polybushes. Oh, and did front and rear pad/rotor replacement. Doesn’t count numerous small details such as replacing rusted screws and such with stainless.Aston6


BTW, that AM in the background with the guy leaning on it? $800K DB5. No, I don’t have one. :slight_smile:


1964 Comet gasser. Old race car took the first trip out of my neighborhood today to get the exhaust finished. 289, 4-speed and 4:11 9-inch means fun this summer!


I finished a restoration of a 1993 Ford Lighting. I just love these trucks.


1937 Chevy 5 window coupe. Old school street rod restored to its old school street rod perfection.


Preformatted textSomeone thought it would be a good idea to plunk an oval-port, Q-jet, aftermarket intake on an original ‘67 Biscayne. Found, and installed a correct, NOS, L72 intake. Yes, there was a Holley 4160 square bore on it, without an adaptor plate. Some people’s kids.


Almost done with my winter projects (knock on wood). The pile of parts on top IS getting smaller - I bit off a lot this winter and I’m still chewing my way through! '70 Eliminator was down for heater core replacement, brake proportioning valve rebuild, brake booster & master cylinder replacement, turnsignal switch replacement, carburetor rebuild, power steering ram bushings and hoses replaced, relamped the dash with LEDs, refurbished the AM/8-Track …and probably a few other items I’ve forgotten.


Love the paint color @Mike_B! That’s going to be a standout once it’s all wrapped up!


Looks like a great restoration! It’s great to see early Lightning’s getting their day in the sun lately.


Installed Dakota Digital Gauges and a new dash in my 72 Monte Carlo. A real improvement with new chrome around the gauges and a consistent color of the dash.


Thanks Kyle! The paint is the factory color ~ Mercury called it Competition Gold, while the Ford name is Grabber Orange. I still have a LONG ways to go. For now I’m just driving it and enjoying it, and fixing things “as needed”.


Well, 2 years ago I bought a 1973 Porsche in need of total restoration. It seemed to be less rust than usual, but after disassembling and removing everything it had a lot of rust created by leaks in the rear window seal.
Once one starts a project, it needs to be finished, so I did.
My bank account is empty but my driveway is not.


28 months of commuting to TC from Troy Mi to work on my 46 GMC. Special thanks to my buddy Mark and his complete professional garage and paint booth. Frame off every nut, bolt, bearing and seal. Having project withdrawal. Fun to drive the original 270 IL6 with a T5 and 2 speed diff. My 16yearold teen loves driving it to school. !