Question of the Week: What repair jobs do you absolutely hate?

I dislike replacing the camshaft in a VW beetle. First step is “remove engine”. Next step is to completely disassemble engine. None of this is difficult but takes time.

90w gear oil The smell I hate.


@acwply - The cam in any horizontally opposed engine is the worst.

What fluids do you use?

I use Ams Oil severe gear lube it has the limited slip additive in it I have put in excess of 50 K on the last change and have no issues no chatter no leaks no noise.R

I’m your age. Make sure you have ALL the tools and parts you need once you get down under there. Getting up and back down a few times is not fun at 76.

Found that out more than once, but the thing I really hate is having to crawl out from under the truck, stand up, head for the tool box and then realize that I already had the tool I needed under the truck with me.

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I hate doing anything electrical. Mechanical problems you can see , hear, feel… electrical not so much. A lot of diagnostic work time and then crawling around in tight and awkward places. Right now I am replacing the whole instrument panel and all the guages and switches with Dakota in my 68 GTO and it is a nightmare . Mainly because a previous owner chopped it all up. I had to back feed some wires and break out the manual to check for color codes to get a better understanding of what was wrong and then label every wire so I could figure it all out! Some actually melted the circuit board by trying to solder the copper