Question of the Week: What roadster is cool enough to make you go topless?

When someone says sports car, images of a nimble and performance-oriented two-seater pop into mind. The best way to elevate the already fun experience of a sports car is to remove the roof and make it a roadster.

From the Model A Ford to the Mazda Miata, nearly 130 years of automobile production has proven that the roadster is a body style with timeless appeal. Sometimes the design was just a removal of the roof from a couple model, other times the top feels like an afterthought and seemingly was never meant to be used—looking at you Sunbeam Alpine.

Photo- Hagerty

The top-down motoring experience is rumored to be best in the fall, enjoying the cool air rushing over one’s head with the heater turned on to even things out. Regardless of when you drive it, we want to hear about which roadster is the one for you—whether you own or just daydream about it. Tell us in the comments below what it is and why you love it.


I owned many roadsters and my favorite is a 1959 Alfa Romeo Veloce spider.


Hi - i have a 89 Saab 900 turbo convertible. Great cruising

Don’t own one but my choice would be an early model Honda S2000.

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NA Miata, 1990, of course


Owned one for what turned out to be too short a relationship. 1967 Austin Healy 3000. The best exhaust note ever to leave a tailpipe. That sound made up for all the other shortcomings.


Modern: Honda S2000
Classic: MGA

Have owned both; love both.

MGB. The early models. More civilized than the earlier MGs but not pretentious. Affordable, fun to drive with plenty of sportiness.


Are you joking? Series 1 Jaguar E-type. End of discussion.

It has to be any Morgan except the Aero!!


My choice has never changed, it was & still is the C2 Corvette, I have owned one since 1970 with no intention of ever being without it.


While I don’t own one, I was fortunate enough to ride in a 1924 Bugatti Brescia roadster during a road rally at the LaJolla Concourse D’ Elegance this past April. It was truly a bucket list experience. I was amazed at the speed this car could provide, 65 mph+. It is too bad that the roads in 1924, wouldn’t have permitted the car to go that fast.

I currently own a 2016 Miata Club Sport, which is a great car. I may trade it for a Boxster in a few years. Though I’ve owned two Porsches, I have yet to drive a Boxster.

Before the MX5 I owned an MGB, my second. I found them reliable and satisfying to drive quickly, though putting the top away could be a challenge. (Never buy a vinyl replacement top; always get cloth!) However, my all-time favorite was a 1962 MGA Mk II, which I just about lived in when I graduated from college while still with my parents. A joy to drive and race, it was my get-away and daily therapy. However, I’m sure a lot of that is nostalgia - the reality wouldn’t be the same today.

I always thought roadsters had no top or side windows, nor even a slot for a window to slide into, whereas a convertible has a top and windows.
Favorite roadster was the Model T. My best friend in high school had one he’d built from junk, and it was an awesome ride, visceral and calming. Starting it took two teenage boys, which added to the fun.
My favorite convertible was my mid-sixties (memory fails on date) Karmann Ghia, a flattened VW Bug that we, the T owner and I, painted Mopar lime green. We had a blast in that car until it had a mishap with the ditch, it then went on to become a stock car after the new owner welded a top on it.


I have 2 favorite roadsters… A mid-1960’s Morgan Plus 4, which has the classic styling. The other is a mid-1960’s Lotus Elan S2, which has superb handling and performance.

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Pretty hard to beat a Lotus Elan.

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Jaguar XK120…drove my $400 XK120 in South Miami in 1962. Never lost a
red light drag race :slight_smile:

350Z in White…, Comfortable, Reliable, Fast, Agile, Affordable…

1962 TR3B…owned 47 years.