Question of the Week: What roadster is cool enough to make you go topless?

I’ve always been partial to the English roadsters of the '50s and '60s and the Mercedes SLs of the '60s and '70s. I’m very happy with my '78 Euro-spec 450SL - my wife and I love tooling around with the top down on a nice day.

350Z… I just bought a 2006 350Z with only 36K miles. Lots of fun, responsive and very reliable.

My 59 Tr3A with wind wings!


image Series 1 E Type Jaguar

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How 'bout my '86 Honda City Cabriolet? I can play boy racer all around town in the first three gears and never get a ticket. As well, I can also drive around in probably the most ‘exclusive’ automobile around cuz you won’t see one of these just anywhere. Body by Pininfarina and ‘arrest me red’ heck, it’s almost a Ferrari!

It’s cute. Even for a Honda.

What size are those tires? They look small.

They’re 13". Everything is to scale.

Agreed, nothing is better than a MG TD. Lots out there and are reliable.