Question of the week: What’s on your road trip playlist?

We asked in a previous Question of the Week about your favorite car songs, music that mentions cars, (often explicitly). Now we want to know what songs you’d pick for a road trip. These don’t need to have anything to do with cars at all, it’s all subjective.

Do you weave a guitar-heavy set with STP’s Wicked Garden and AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, or are you a fan of instrumentals, kicking off your drive with Top Gear’s theme song, Jessica, by The Allman Brothers or slow cruising with Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs?

Maybe you fit the songs to your destination, with The Beach Boys and Tupac for California, Marty Robbins for the southwest, ’60 Mo-town and KISS for Detroit, Aerosmith for Boston (Boston would also be an acceptable band for Boston), and George Thorogood for Delaware.

No matter how you came to pick your go-to road trip songs, share them with us and the rest of the Hagerty community and comment below.

Highway Star - Deep Purple, Fly Me Courageous - Drivin’ N Cryin’, A Thousand Miles From Nowhere - Dwight Yoakam, The Trip - Still Corners, Bullet the Blue Sky - U2 (and a lot of U2 from The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree), and lastly…Highwaymen - The Highwaymen.

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I usually listen to anything from The Eagles or Jimmy Buffet especially during the Winter when it’s snowing in the Rockies.
During the Summer, it’s CDs of Don Ho and more Jimmy Buffet, The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Dick Dale & the Deltones.
Old Stuff but you can also toss in Radar Love!

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When driving my hellcat I always want it fast and hard. Slayer, Bury Your Dead, Dethklok, Lamb of God are always playing when I am driving by myself, otherwise I always succumb to my passengers wishes…(usually the wife lol).

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The sound of my car’s exhaust. The very best road trip music. While the current Porsche’s non-turbo-throttled open-valve sound is good, the previous great sounds came from an MGB racecar with open exhaust and a Maserati with open valved exhaust. Oh! You meant music from songs playing on the in-car sound system. Now it is Greek Zeimbekiko.

Driver’s Seat - Sniff’n the Tears, '65 Mustang - Five for Fighting, Radar Love - Golden Earring, Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen, Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf

Slick, Black, Cadillac - Quiet Riot, Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow, Real Gone - Sheryl Crow, My favorite game - The Cardigans, Smuggler’s Blues - Glenn Frye, I can’t drive 55 - Sammy Hagar, Roadrunner - Joan Jett, Shakin’ - Eddie Money, Girl’s Got Rhythm - AC/DC, Gimme all you lovin - ZZ Top…man I could come up with these all day!

I always have Click & Clack’s “Car Tunes Vol. 1” in my car and have for years. Always good for a stress- or boedom-relieving laugh and some aerobic singing-along. The 2nd volume isn’t as good, but I include it also, since there are a few worthwhile selections.

“Sunset Grille” - Don Henley, from “The Perfect Beast” 1984. The first CD I ever purchased. The entire album is spectacular - but this track is especially great if you are leaving one place for another: “And someday, soon - we’re gonna get in the car and get out of here!” - followed by a rousing horn and synth crescendo - well, downshift and accelerate toward your new future - is all I can say.

In the early 60’s I listened to The Beach Boys on a static AM radio in my Mom’s Willys Jeepster. I finally found one exactly like hers and had to have it. And, this radio has static also, just like the ‘good old days’.

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Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose
Radar Love - Golden Earring and White Lion’s
East Bound and Down - Jerry Reed
Cannonball - Ray Stevens
Head out to the Highway - Judas Priest
Death Alley Driver - Rainbow
Radar Rider - Not Sure
Two Lane Blacktop - Rob Zombie
And many, many more…

AMAZING album!!! Couldn’t get enough of it!

Just the sound of the engine and the sights
I did not install a radio or any player in our 1950 Chevy 3100 for that reason

Autobahn by Kraftwerk

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Just thought of these two: (gotta watch 'em in the correct order) !!!

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A great question with many answers. I put together a play list from classic rock, to punk, country and techno that have a theme of cars. Originally it was on my iPod, then I updated it on Spotify to share it with friends… Everything from Sammy Hagar and “I can’t drive 55” and Springsteen’s Racing in the Street to Ferrari Sunset by Outasight. All About Cars and Roads if you’re interested. Have fun!

I have a radio/CD in my 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe but I haven’t figured out how to work it yet.
Doesn’t matter, I love the sound of the car, that’s good enough for me!

I have to go with Little Deuce Coupe because I had an all steel 5 window coupe with a Olds engine and '37 Cad/La-salle trnsmission back in the mid 50’s that I ran against Ohio George in A/G at the drags. ( he beat me every time for the trophy )

Fire Lake…Bob Seger

East Bound & Down, Jerry Reed