Question of the Week: What’s the best automotive gift you have received?

The holiday season is right around the corner. Have you wrapped up your shopping yet? If not, time to start thinking about it. On that thought, is there a gift you have given or received that was perfect for a gearhead? We want to know what the ideal gift was, or could be, in this week’s Question of the Week.

With the season changing for so many enthusiasts, and many cars rapidly going into storage, it reminds us that the holiday shopping season is about to kick off in earnest. Of course, gearheads can be hard to shop for when it comes to gift giving. So here is your chance to help those in search of that foolproof gift.

Tools, cleaning products, and experiences seem to be the most popular ways to impress those passionate about cars of all types. Rather than assume that the tastes of most car lovers align neatly, we are curious to hear what the best gift you have given or received has been.

From custom photos to new cars, let us hear it. We will compile some of the top suggestions into our gift guide… which you can casually leave around the house for your significant other to find. We know your game.

It was an “Overflow, Comes with Hose” from the Fiero store that my Girlfriend at the time gave me. Not because it was some great thing that I really needed or a hard to find part but because that was a really great Christmas and that one particular gift because of the it being such an odd gift is the one thing I remember most. That gift and spelling her name wrong and different on every single gift I gave her that year. Again it was a really great and fun Christmas.

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The best automotive gift I’ve ever received is without question – an automobile. As a teenager, I was in line for several possible college scholarships. In a weak moment, my father promised me a graduation gift of a car if I took advantage of one of those full scholarships. When I graduated, there was a brand new 1971 Datsun 240Z waiting for me. Thanks, Dad.


My wife’s best gift to me was new Corvette!



gift of 12 years of time and patience from my wife, while I slowly rebuilt my rusty old 67 Malibu.


This is a tough one. Because there are two stages in life as a boy when it comes to cars: the toy and the real thing (I can’t speak for girls). I think the best toy car I ever got was for Christmas at about age 10: a go-kart with a fiberglass Gremlin body. Yes, a Gremlin go-kart! It was the coolest thing in the neighborhood. Runner-up would also be a Christmas gift, a 1979 Monogram 1/8 scale model kit Pontiac Trans Am (black with beige interior). For those not familiar with model scales, that means just eight of them in line would be the length of the real car. It was huge at nearly 2’ long. I was so proud of it and kept it for years. Never remember what happened to it.

As far as the real thing, a car: a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am with the WS6 suspension and LB9 engine options. It was a high school graduation gift from my parents - my father ordered it and went all out - for getting a college scholarship. I kept that car well into the 1990s and my first post-college career job. I wish I had never sold it.

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Wow that’s cool too. Same story here but different car! We were blessed to have cool dads who had the resources to buy us boys what we wanted if we proved ourselves academically. Of course as adults that reward still holds true based on promotions and higher income. You have to work at it. Nothing is given without being earned!

For Christmas 2014 my 34 year old son completely surprised me by giving me two tickets to the 2015 LeMans 24 Hour race and enough of his frequent flyer points to get us both there. One of my all time favorite trips that checked a box on the bucket list!


A '57 Chevy 3100 stepside for my 16th Christmas - From the time I could crawl and push a Hot Wheels car around I’ve been fascinated with classic cars and trucks. Shortly after turning 16, there was this truck for sale on the side of the road near my school. I would stop by several times a week and walk around it, imagining myself in it. Tried to convince my father that $1500 was a cheap price for it - no rust and it runs! He came out once to drive it around, but convinced me that it was unsafe to drive and wasn’t worth half the price. I was severely disappointed a few weeks later when I stopped by and the man told me that it was sold. My grandfather passed away suddenly right after Thanksgiving. On Christmas morning, my mother had sent me to the work shop down the hill from the house to get something for her and when I opened the door, there it was, as I had last seen it, except with new brakes, reworked steering, a tune up and new exhaust. My grandmother was waiting inside to snap a picture of my surprised face. I was shocked to find that my father had purchased it and my grandfather had paid a local shop to make it “safe to drive”. My mother, now 82 still has the picture in her house. Thanks Dad, and Grandad for fostering this love for classic cars and trucks that I still have today! And Mom, Grandma and my loving wife for putting up with it, even if you don’t understand it!


Wife got me a rear cargo area mat for my 4Runner, great for the beach, hauling firewood, camping… just pull it out and sweep it off or wash it. Carpet under it looks brand new and contains minor spills with ease. Keeps groceries from being ejected out the back to when you lift the rear door, 5th generation 4runner owners know what I speak of.
My sister and I got one for my Dad way back when, and he LOVED IT! If you have a family member with a SUV and they don’t have a rear cargo liner/ mat it’s a great gift.

Instead of a suit, my folks gave me a 1963 Rambler Classic 550 they bought for 60 bucks from an attorney friend of theirs the Xmas of my senior year in high school (1973-74). I drove it until the end of the school year when I bought a 70 Javelin with the money I saved in my school savings account. Great car looking back.

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A car. In 2008 the year before he died my Dad gave me his 1963 MGB. He wanted it to go to someone who would use it. I have. MG 2010, MG 2013, MG 2018 MG 2019 and many local events. I love this car it was the first MG I ever drive. My Dad let me drive it once in 1969. This car has been in our family for fifty two years. If we have a family heirloom this is it.


I received a subscription to Eaglemoss build the back to the future Delorean. I get a box every month with about 50 parts in it and it makes a 1/8 scale fully detailed back to the future Delorean. This year they are doing the ECTO-1 ambulance from Ghostbusters (31 inches long) I have asked, we will see what happens.

That is a great story. You are very lucky to have that kind of family.
A lesson to all of us that an act like that lives on forever long after the sacrifice of spending the money is forgotten. What a great thing to do for your child or grandchild!

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A dual cup holder that takes the place of the ashtray in my 1970 VW bus. It is the most amazing addition to the bus, I would have never thought…

1976 Jaguar XJ12L. Dark blue with blue Connolly leather, Wilton wool carpeting, and burled walnut dash. My wife surprised me with it, bought from a local shop where I had stopped to circle it longingly several times.
It was parked out in the front yard with a big silver bow on top Christmas morning.

It was 1996 so although it was cosmetically very good it also came with 20 years of deferred maintenance - as Jags usually do - but a truly special car. Like owning the Golden Gate Bridge, by the time you worked through all the problems it was time to start back at the first one again. However it was a sublime car out on the road. Grace, Space, and Pace indeed!

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My Christmas present in 1960 (I was 10 years old) was a Craftsman tool box with Craftsman tools included. 3/8" & 1/2" sockets and ratchets, screwdrivers, allen wrenches, combination wrenches up to 1", etc.

This was back when Craftsman tools weer really made well. Thin wall sockets that were strong, combination wrenches that were thin enough to get on most any bolt or nut.

These tools have served me well as a professional mechanic and now building hot rods in retirement.

Just the other day I went through my tools separating sets of tools I’ve accumulated over the years.
I was happy to see that 99% of my original set is still there. (and this is after my 3 sons have done their best to lose my tools) I know they are the originals because I used a center punch to mark each tool with two dots so as not to confuse them with my Dad’s tools.

All my sons are mechanics today and the youngest was just over the other night telling me how he now knows why I was constantly telling them to put tools back when they were finished with them. He just lost a Snap-On 1/4" drive ratchet and 9mm deep socket because he forgot to put them away at work. He was complaining about how much it will cost to replace them.

Mom & Dad are gone now, but I still say a little thank you to them each time I reach for one of these beloved tools.


A/My 1957 Chev I bought/got for myself 49 years ago and still working on it a quarter million dollars later with not a regretted penny!

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I always wanted a Porsche but couldn’t afford one so I bought a Fiat Spyder and ran it into the ground in less than a year. My girlfriend at the time, now my wife of 44 years, had a light blue 914 2ltr delivered to our house. Yes, she used my money, no it wasn’t new, but it was the funnest car ever for a guy my age. Best present ever.