Question of the Week: What’s the best car for burnouts?

Like the doofus who had his car go up in flames while announcing what sex the baby was gonna be? Sorry for the snark, but when ya insult an entire country…:wink:

your half right. some of those cars are actually ROAD cars and driven to and from the 4 day summernats event. the car owned by andrew lynch (lynchy) is a street car. also mick brasher and kranky. yes i wont lie some cars do run meth because it runs cooler, but the rest dont just normal road fuels you can buy at any service station anywhere.

1 moron a country doesnt make… plus there has been many more idiots like that that dont get reported on TV.

I agree completely, hence my feelings on your, “american burnout comps are laughing stock”. All good, and I’ll hoist one in your direction tonight after donning my Fraser H-D tee.:tumbler_glass:

someone else’s car would be my choice. I ain’t doing it with my hot rod.

I don’t know which car is the best for that and I haven’t done it since I was a teenager. The only one that I did it very much with was a 57 Ford that the guy I bought it from put a 390 in. Since it was a small light car, the big block could burn the tires forever. The difficulty was that he used the original 3 speed transmission that was designed for the small block before Ford made a big block. A bit too much torque would strip the gears instead of the tries. That was over 50 years ago when one could buy another car for a hundred dollars or so. Now I can’t afford to do anything like that.

I have a modified '87 Turbo Regal that will light the tires off at will. :sunglasses:

A rental Charger A/T did wonderful burnouts.

I had a 67 chevelle with 5.88 gears. Tires we not the problem here, it was blowing up motors. It would hit 3rd gear before i got through the other side of intersection. I left a 200 foot burnout in front of our farm and i had cops on my back till i sold the car. Blew 5 motors from 65 vette 327 to 305 2bl. Just put it to the floor and let the lifters float out. New cars will hook up and seen many dive into trees, light poles, etc. As a stock car with super 50 or 60’s tires, i take my 69 judge. Donut king. Dump clutch in 2nd gear and watch the car disappear in smoke.

Go get em tiger. LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQUfsq-0z-s

My 67 Shelby GT 500 with the 4.10 Detroit Drag Pack coupled to the top loader. I could boil the tires billowing smoke and make the rear end dance sliding from left to right in a controlled burnout. A 427 side oiler with a mid hi rise puts out plenty of torque!

I hated burnouts in the 1950’s and still don’t like them now, we always tried to get the best traction without spinning the tires.
The pick-ups were the best tire destroyers.

Back in high school my friend’s '72 Ford pickup was a serious burnout contender. That 390 would light the tires up at 30 let alone from a dead stop.

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My ex-wife’s car, preferably on her front lawn.