Question of the Week: What’s the first thing you do to your car?


We’ll I took some pictures first…after I get over the fact that I now have another car in our garage and one of the others has to stay outside…not a problem till the threat of bad weather or a hail storms…I took a season by season approach when it came to what was needed, I started with the brakes, shocks, struts, wheels and tires the first season…It was late December so it wasn’t going anywhere. Some minor body work soon as it warmed up that same year… the interior needed very little attention other then the bent driver seat and really dirty carpets… after removing the interior, l had the seat repaired and deep cleaned them and the carpet in my basement… not to much extensive work after that, a few bolt-ons and some needed updating with the engine… wires , plugs, distributor, strut tower brace, cold air intake and a cat back exhaust… other then the newer deck lid with a 3 rd brake light in the spoiler the car looks almost stock…I know the rest of the story will take more then I want to sit here for but its just about the end of time for us with this car…we’re not getting the use from it as I would like and needing space in the garage is getting more important…


About two and a half years ago I purchased a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 X300 LBW, It was just great the way it was but I still wanted a Jaguar mascot on the front so I bought and fitted one. The next thing I did was give it a name. “Lady Grey” The car is metallic Ice Blue but at night it becomes a Grey. So I put a transfer of the name on one side of the back of the car. Then to balance it out I put a leaping cat on the other side. I also purchased some Jaguar transfers for all door handles. Then some metal leaping cats for the front side fenders. I have also put imported lambs wool rugs on the rear floor and one at the front passenger side. Oh and recently I came across a timber shift lever knob with a growling cat on the top. I had to have that and it feels much nicer than the original. When you love something that much you do like to buy it little presents from time to time. This said I would never make any major changes to a classic car that could not be reversed to its original condition in minutes. Finally I did find some appropriate number plates to match my 96 XJ6 Jag JAG 696" Here is a photo of my car only two months after I purchased it.


Like the choice of aftermarket wheels on the 2+2. Period correct with a little more pizzaz, but not over the top.


Hang my color matching fuzzy dice from the rear view mirror. Done that to 52 different cars so far.
They do look kind of goofy on a Mercedes SL550 I’ll admit.


Thanks Jim, I appreciate that.





Fix all of the improperly done stuff that previous owners have done. I start with safety items.


I also remove the dealer license frame and install my own. " Real Pilots Fly Taildragers".


I add a battery switch. When working under the hood, the first step is always “disconnect the battery”. A knife or knob switch makes that a 2 second job instead of several minutes. 2nd: You have (XX) year old wiring in that car. The insulation may have deteriorated. 3rd: Previous owners may have installed aftermarket equipment (gauges, lights, radios, etc.) improperly - ready to short out. 4th: Electrical repairs by previous owners may have been done improperly (scotch locks, acorn nuts, inadequate wire thickness and type). 5th: Small electrical drains from powering a radio memory or clock can kill a battery over time.

Last: A battery switch can help prevent your car from burning down at a car show. Very embarrassing…Battery%20Switch


First thing, pictures and power wash them inside & out :slight_smile: Usually it’s a attractive shell I’m adding more modern engine/brakes/transmission to.

Then install drivetrain as needed, check/modify enough wiring to get running, brakes, brake lights, fluids, at least one seat,… then that triumphant/nervous-making first trip around the block! Then full wiring, interior, etc can follow interleaved with driving the car.


Why is this a key item?